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The Most Common Myths About Gaming Cheats

Is A Cheat Always A Cheat?

Cheats are not always cheats. Sometimes they seem that way, but what’s worth understanding is that the rules and world of gaming are in constant flux. Consider games like Galaga or Mario from the eighties and early nineties. Now consider games like World of Warcraft, Metal Gear Solid, or Resident Evil 8.

These games have quite the contrast. Generational game manufacturing shifts as computational technology refines. The first games were pixels and pixelated paddles that bounced digital dots across the screen. Now there is virtual reality so fundamentally real people wearing headsets leap into walls and break flatscreen TVs incidentally.

The way games are played doesn’t always match where technological capability is. With massive multiplayer games online, new ways to play develop which may have nothing whatever to do with the intentions of designers. Accordingly, if you “play by the rules”, you may not be able to play at all.

Some games require what are known as “cheats” to be applied before a contest begins. There’s a lot to think about here. So with these things in mind, here we’ll briefly cover a few common “myths” about cheats that you should be aware of before you make up your mind on the issue.

1. All Cheats Involve Button Tapping Combinations: Myth
Older cheats on console games required you to click certain buttons on the controller in sequence in order to access a “cheat”. Beyond this, the “Game Shark” was developed for console systems to access deeper cheats quicker. However, even in the days of MD-DOS, cheats could be explored in the very coding of the game on PC rigs.

2. Cheating Impacts Gameplay: Depends On The Game
Some games will actually experience lag owing to cheats because they initiate graphical issues that cause this outcome.

When you activate “chaos mode” on one of the Grand Theft Auto games, because all the NPCs are acting differently than conventional programming, it can tax your console system or PC initiating glitches. However, some games don’t have such cheating issues.

3. Gaming Cheats Require Less Skill Than Hacking: Depends
This one will depend on the situation. Some gaming cheats are only possible if you’re adept at coding, or understand how programming works at an intimate level. You can click here to go on Guided Hacking, a site that helps those who are new to cheats or looking for specific guidance, learn how to more effectively utilize known techniques for a variety of PC games.

While some cheats are very simple and straightforward and require little less than memorizing a password or a button combination, others are downright complex and almost require the person trying to use them to have a degree in computer programming. So sometimes, being able to pull off a complex cheat means you’ve got software design skills.

4. Games That Can Be “Hacked” Are Cheap: False
Some games can’t be hacked, and they’re cheap. Others are very easy to hack, and they’re top-of-the-line productions. There are a few reasons for this.

One is that sometimes cheats are really just “bugs” in program design that are exploited for fun. There were a couple of these in the N64 game Shadows of the Empire. On level four you can fall off the map when fighting IG-88. Another reason for top-tier hack potential is deliberate back doors built in by programmers for a variety of reasons.

5. Cheating Is Unethical In Games: Depends On The Situation

Another example from the ancient N64 involves Goldeneye: 007. The multiplayer mode for this game is still legendary over two decades later. One thing gamers used to do was activate cheats, and have multiplayer contests using them. Big Head Mode was fun, so was paintball mode, so was the “one-shot kill” option.

Also, on massively multiplayer games, there are situations where so many people are cheating, if you don’t cheat as well, there’s no point in playing. So in situations like these, the only ethical thing to do is play along with associated cheats. Certainly, many situations exist where cheats are unethical, but in gaming, things are different. Ethical cheat situations exist too.

Achieving Gaming Cheat Savvy

Not all cheating is unethical, some games can be hacked, some can’t, gaming cheats may or may not require acumen in hacking, gaming cheats don’t always impact gameplay, and not all cheats involve button combinations.

The bottom line? If you’re a serious gamer, you’ll know how to play with or without cheats depending on the situation.

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