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Seven Big Name Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Huge Gamers

Many celebrities who are recognized for something else entirely in their fields are actually pretty good at gaming. The ubiquity of the games is such that some of the names on this list will surprise you, others may make you question if the people listed can be called gamers. However, you will be pleased to know that just like the passion you have for your game, these celebrities are much the same way.

As a form of entertainment, playing games can be a rewarding experience. As usual, we caution against playing games too much but we all know no one listens to that, just ask Henry Cavill, who missed the audition for Man of Steel because he was busy playing World of Warcraft.

In our list, we will cover all sorts of entertaining gaming activities celebrities get up to.

1. Daniel Craig

The outgoing Bond has admitted to being a fan of computer games. James Bond is cool, but we didn't think he was this cool. Craig has said in the past that he is a gaming junkie who loves playing Halo because he thinks shooting aliens is cool.

He clarified that he doesn’t play Vice City for too long, because it makes him uncomfortable. In his words, the game makes him feel “dirty.”

Craig has admitted that it is just as well he’s good at his job as an actor, which keeps him busy and away from games. Otherwise, he’s sure that he would waste a lot of time in front of a PC. Yeah, James Bond is a PC gamer.

2. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is well known for her acting roles and for voicing Meg in Family Guy. Her iconic voice, adorably large eyes, and enthusiasm for World of Warcraft gave her incredible street cred, especially when she went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked nerdy to him.

The clip is on YouTube and in it; you can see her talking about the MMORPG. Sometimes, you can tell when someone is trying to fake knowledge of something. However, in this video, the adorable geek in front of you is not faking it.

She was spitting super-specific details like how you have to be in a guild to go on raids, the number of people required to go on raids, and the introduction of expansion packs that could be used to go on raids with just 10 people, instead of the usual 30-40.

3. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck fails as Batman but on the poker table, he is known for being quite good. The famous actor is still a regular at the table and according to those who have watched him play live, if he was not an actor, he could have been a successful professional poker player.

The biggest hand he’s ever won was $800,000 over two decades ago. Another game he liked was Blackjack. Unfortunately, he was banned from many tables for counting cards. Gambling is his passion and is rumored to have caused his split with Jennifer Garner, with whom he used to be married and had three children.

Even with all the troubles that gambling has brought to his life; Ben Affleck can be seen at a poker table even today.

4. Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn is well known for her roles in X-Men: Apocalypse, Magic Mike, and as the host of the G4’s “Attack of the Show” where she does tech reviews and discusses pop culture while previewing games. In an interview with CNET in 2016, Munn talked about her love of gaming, which she says originated from a simmer Olympics PC game she played on her home computer as a child (she was 8) and did not stop.

At the time of the CNET interview, she was into Halo and Assassin’s Creed. At the time of writing this, she is in the headlines for having hooked up with comedian John Mulaney, with whom she is having a baby.

Munn is known for being into first-person shooter games as well, playing Call of Duty where she shoots noobs on the regular.

5. Samuel L. Jackson

This is the man who decided he was going to own a whole world and it worked. He didn't even need a patent for it or anything, that brilliant bloke!

Jackson is a beloved actor who has made a name for himself appearing in the MCU as Nick Fury and other cult classics like 'Pulp Fiction' and ‘The Hateful Eight.’ However, Jackson is also known for being a fan of video games and has even lent his magnificent voice to video game characters in Lego Star Wars games, GTA: San Andreas, Iron Man 2 (don't even say anything about that one), and Afro Samurai.

He started playing games back in the day for when the Atari console was the most advanced market, playing Pong back when it was still ‘sh*t’ (his words).

As with many celebrities who play video games, he loves nothing more than to shoot up some people. His favorite games have been Call of Duty, but he’s also been fascinated by the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

As he puts it, give him a gun, and "I'm all over it.”

6. Ice-T

Some of the best gamers out there are also incredibly cool celebrities. Ice-T is one of those people who have learned the art of walking the line between being the toughest dude and being incredibly adorable.

The star is well known for his role in the popular procedural Law & Order: SVU. Ice-T started playing games back when SEGA systems and Atari were the best in the market. Like many of the celebrities we have covered, he loved Call of Duty and other first-person shooter games.

He brags, and rightfully, that if you are playing Call of Duty and see his handle LORD 187X, you are probably already dead. Before you chuckle and think this is an empty threat, then be warned. He is not kidding and is quite good.

The actor is outspoken on game betas and has tweeted comments about them. At the height of the pandemic, he was playing Destiny 2.

7. Matt Damon

Matt Damon is good friends with Ben Affleck, with whom he has a long history in Hollywood. Even though in many of his acclaimed movies he plays characters who are always in need of saving, it is in older movies like Rounders that gels well with his love for casinos.

Damon played a character deep in the high stakes world of underground gambling. For that movie, he had to play some poker matches to prepare. It seems that some of that training rubbed off on the brilliant actor, since he is said to still enjoy private card games like Texas Hold’Em.

One of the other people mentioned in a 2011 report about celebrities in Hollywood who enjoyed the game is Ben Affleck. These two definitely have a great appreciation for the game.

IN MEMORIAM: Robin Williams

The great comedy legend is one of the most well-known celebrity gamers. He is known for being into the classic Nintendo game ‘The Legend of Zelda.’ The love of this game was so intense that he ended up naming his daughter Zelda, after the titular princess in the franchise.

As much as he loved to play Zelda games, he was also a fan of the World of Warcraft, Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Half-Life.

Many of you may not have been aware that he was a gamer. However, we can all say that we share a childhood in common, that was influenced by his great work in the film industry. No one can riff like Robbin Williams. He was always on the funny frequency and will be missed by all who knew him.

Honorable mentions
  • Henry Cavill- We already mentioned him but we are going to mention him again because he looks the way he looks. He was so into World of Warcraft that it nearly cost him the role of Man of Steel. He was right in the middle of a session when Synder’s call came through. He ignored it.
  • Megan Fox- She may be cast as the pretty dummy in Michael Bay movies but Fox is a gamer chick (It is not an official title or anything. Relax.) She admitted she enjoyed playing Halo Reach online with people. She has a funny gamer tag and plays with people who have no idea it is her. She is not just an FPS enthusiast, having admitted to liking fighting games like Mortal Kombat.
  • Ben Foster- To prepare for his role in the World of Warcraft movie, Ben Foster remembered that an actor prepares and did just that, by playing the game. He got addicted and was playing 18 hours a day with a mix of pick-up adventures and guild play. If you were playing WoW intensely in 2014, you may have played with him.

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