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The Best Movies About Teachers

Watching a movie about teachers can be a source of great enthusiasm as everyone loves the belief depicted about a teacher who would go any length to make a difference in the lives of their learners. Making some impact in the learner's life is the desire of most teachers, so movies about teachers are expected to be soul-touching and lifting. This guide is a compilation of some highly rated movies about teachers. The movies in this compilation will show the extraordinary effort, struggles, and traits of teachers. Let’s get started by checking out prime examples like casinos online.

Like Stars on Earth (2007)
This story is of an eight-year-old boy known for causing trouble and famous for his laziness until the school employed a tolerant, attentive, kind art teacher who could see beyond these traits and help the boy overcome his problems. The plot of the story sees a boy (Darsheel Safari) who endures a severe condition of dyslexia, which results in his inability to fare with life. The story is seen as emotional, compassionate, and captivating.

The Browning Version (1951)
This movie tells a story of a disliked lecturer who was forcefully retired from an English public school. The lecturer has to reconcile with the setback in his teaching career and also his marriage. The plot of this movie saw a stiff lecturer that was hated by almost all of his students. He faced a bleak future financially and marital but was redeemed by a gift from a student.

Remember the Titans (2000)
This actual movie is about an African-American sports coach assigned newly to a racially integrated team of high school students where he laid a bit of emphasis on the development of self-belief in them. The plot sees the closure of two schools (One Black and one White), which are forced to be put together under federal rule. The school hired the man who trains the football team of the black school to represent the combined school, and tension rose in the team, the school, and the community.

Chak de! India (2007)
Kabir Khan lost an all-important match to a rival country and was tagged traitor. He went into hiding only to resurface as the Women's National Hockey Team coach, which was believed to hold no value. He taught discipline, respect, self-belief, and value to the team with the ultimate dream of creating a team worthy of the country to redeem himself and make his country proud.

The plot sees a young, talented, and proud Kabir Khan trying to take his country to glory and take a final shot for the win. Kabir, in his arrogance, lost the chance and was termed a traitor; he went into hiding only to be seen in the quest for redemption with a team of useless, lazy, arrogant, and underwhelmed players.

These movies show the growth of the teachers as they try to improve their students. They go beyond the scope of conventional teaching to make sure the students become exceptional.

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