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Inspirational Sports Films

Movies are one of the most effective sources of entertainment around the world. Yet, some are so inspirational that they motivate the viewer to progress over the obstacles and achieve success in life. The sports genre has been an excellent medium for portraying courage, sportsman spirit, and a never-failing attitude for ages. Such movies mostly belong to the non-fiction category as they are either biopic of a sportsperson or based on life. Besides casinos online, here are the best inspirational sports films of all time for a recreationally inspiring!

Ali (2001)
Ali, the movie revolves around the life of great boxer Muhammad Ali who passed away in 2016. Actor Will Smith plays the role of the main character, focusing on the 10 years of his journey as a boxer. Muhammad Ali was one of the most popular sportspersons in the world. Michael Mann is the producer and the co-writer of the film.

The plot of this sports movie throws light on the obstacles arising out of the race as well as politics. As an audience, you will experience the spirit, struggles, swagger, and charisma of Muhammad Ali in the film. Moreover, Ali gracefully captures the making of a champion boxer.

Soul Surfer (2011)
Soul Surfer film is an American biographical drama based on the autobiography named Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith (2004). The director of the film is McNamara and stars Anna Sophia in the role of Bethany Hamilton. The movie emphasizes the life of Bethany Hamilton, a surfer hailing from Hawaii. Apparently, she lost an arm accidentally in an awful attack by a shark during her teenage years.

Surprisingly, Bethany makes a comeback to surfing shortly after that accident which is quite encouraging. Consequently, she re-learns to do things in her life using one hand only. The plot of the movie depicts her journey full of courage and perseverance. She manages to conquer the challenges with her family's support to become a world-famous professional surfer.

Rocky (1976)
Rocky is an Oscar-winning American sports drama movie with story-progressing sequels too. The director of this film is John G. Avildsen. Interestingly, the writer is Sylvester Stallone, who also plays the pivotal character Rocky in the movie. The plot revolves around a talented and fearless boxer named Rocky Balboa. Besides, the backdrop is set in Philadelphia, where Rocky prizefights in bars and has the debt collector's job.

The breakthrough follows in the life of Rocky when Apollo Creed, the then heavyweight champion, picks him randomly for a promotional bout. Though he fights to earn a livelihood, his talent deserves the right place and much-needed limelight. You will get to witness the pride, resilience, courage, and self-respect of an underdog boxer Rocky.

Some movies are made to hold a special place in the hearts of the viewers. Whether the story is fictional or a real-life one, sports movies depict heroism and colossal bravery. Precisely, it encourages the masses to conquer the hurdles in life and rise above the victory. Not to mention, sports movies are a treat to watch because of the thrill and an array of emotions the characters portray.

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