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Fun Movie-Themed Baby Shower Ideas

According to a recent survey done by Aptaclub, 64% of expectant parents throw a baby shower to celebrate the impending arrival of their little one. The idea of a baby shower originated in Victorian times when pregnant ladies were generally confined to the house. So that they could see their friends, an extravagant tea party was organized for the ladies. These days baby showers aren’t solely for the Moms - it can be a little party for both parents. With any event, it is great fun if you have a theme, and what better theme than your favorite movie! Forget about decorating in cutesy pinks and blues, embrace your inner geek and introduce your baby to the important things in life early. 


Star Wars


It is traditional for guests to bring a gift for the baby when they come to a baby shower, often something practical, like a baby romper or some cloth diapers. At a Star Wars-themed baby shower, you can simply ask your guests to bring the force with them. At your party, make sure that you lay out some nibbles for your guests to soak up the mocktails. These could include death star donuts and wookie cookies. Playing some games at your baby shower is good fun and can result in plenty of laughs. Games are also a great way of making sure that everyone is included, especially if you have some guests that don’t know one another. Your games could include “pin the tail on Jar Jar Binks” and “lightsaber bingo.” Don’t forget to also reveal to your guests whether you’re expecting a Luke or a Leia. 


The Avengers


If you’re for a little superhero (or heroes) to arrive, then a Marvel Avengers-themed baby shower could be great fun. Of course it’s important to ask all your guests to dress up as their favorite Avenger. Decorate your home with Marvel bunting in lots of bright colors and you could even have a special Avengers cake made (Iron Man goes at the top). With your friends try playing a superhero version of Headbandz - am I the Lord of Asgard?, or put together a quiz with some fun questions. Who has a suit that is powered by an Arc Reactor? After your games, you could serve some baby Groot sandwiches (bacon and avocado) and some Ant Man cupcakes. 


Back to the Future


Just think of all the things that needed to be aligned in order for your baby to be here. You had to meet your partner just at the right time, in the right place, and at the right time in your lives. If one of you had swiped left instead of right then perhaps things would have been very different. This is the very premise of Back to the Future, and why it is the perfect theme for a baby shower. At your party, make sure that you play plenty of music from the 1950s (including Johnny B Goode), and you could decorate your home just like the “Enchantment Under The Sea” dance. Just make sure that you start your baby shower at 10:04 am, when the lightning strikes, just don’t let them drive home at 88 mph, or it could all go horribly wrong. 


Your baby shower doesn’t have to be a traditional affair with afternoon tea. Instead, choose your favorite movie and have some fun with your family and friends. 

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