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4 Ways James Cameron’s Titanic Movie Is The Best

From that moment on 15th April 1912, when the ship disappeared under the water, the history of the Titanic has captivated the world and the discovery of its remains did no more than to increase the fascination and curiosity that surrounds the sinking of what was known as the "dream ship" and that was designed with the very latest techniques at the beginning of the 20th century.

James Cameron brought this true-life story to the big screen, and the result was great: Titanic, winner of 11 Oscars, is to this day the favorite film of many. This is precisely why this article has been created, mentioning why James Cameron's Titanic movie is the best. Fortunately, there are some points that were developed well enough in James Cameron's film to be considered the best, and, even if there are other similar productions, this one is still the best of all. Here, you will know why.
Those who went to the cinema to see Titanic in 1997 had never seen a drama of such magnitude.

Special Effects

One of the reasons why James Cameron's Titanic is the best is the quality of its special effects. For that time, what they managed to do was truly incredible. Clearly, with today's technology, you can go even further in ways never imagined before, as Bally Technologies did with this film.

Titanic is the second biggest movie ever to be created, and Mike Trask, the public relations manager of Bally Technologies, unveiled the slot machine which is an adaptation of this two-billion-dollar box office hit. The machine is a penny slot which has a maximum bet of 400 credit points. Now, if you are one of those who do not want to risk your money, you can play for free through the demo version or a casino no deposit bonus. The main purpose of a no deposit bonus is to give the player a chance to get to know the casino and see what it has to offer.

Love As A Major Theme

One of the best ways James Cameron used to place his film above all others was to address love throughout the production. Although the real story is based on the accident suffered by this giant ship when it collided with an iceberg, this movie added that romantic touch that was needed to make it a success.

Although many disliked the ending and would have preferred it to end differently, this was also a plus. This story could easily have ended with a happy ending, like most romantic movies. However, this one met a rather cruel end.

If you haven't seen it yet, even though everyone is talking about it, maybe it is time for you to take a break and start watching it. There is a reason for such fame. If you are looking for Titanic on the web, you can watch it on Netflix, Prime Video or other streaming platforms.

The Actors

Another great way that made James Cameron's Titanic the best movie ever was the superb casting. They could not have chosen better. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are the perfect couple. Yes, you can think of other great actors and of course there are, but it seems this film was written just for these two characters. Every part of the script was interpreted perfectly.

These actors played their roles so well that people, to this very day, talk about "Jack and Rose", instead of “Leo and Kate”. Yes, they made history in cinema and also in the hearts of the spectators!

The Song

The unforgettable song "My heart will go on" by the great Celine Dion will remain etched into the memory of the people. Did you know that they didn't want it as a song for this movie? In case you didn't know, the song didn't convince James Cameron at all, nor the singer herself, much less Kate Winslet, who said she felt like throwing up just listening to it.

However, despite all this rejection, the song was part of the movie and ended up being almost an anthem. To produce a good film, it is not enough to have a great script. Music is also important.

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