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The Popularity Of Ghost Stories In TV & Cinema

We all hope we never see one, but that doesn't stop us queuing up to hear stories about other people seeing them. Ghost stories can be tragic tales of loss and longing, terrifying ordeals of haunting and possession or paranormal mysteries that border on sci-fi. But the traditional ghost story is undoubtedly the most popular, and it typically revolves around a house that is haunted by a spirit that wreaks havoc with the living… In this article, learn more about the popularity of ghost stories in TV and cinema and just why fans love them so much!

A timeless story

The popularity of ghost stories is not a new thing. Works of literature by people like Edgar Allan Poe follow the ghost story archetype, and even William Shakespeare’s iconic plays utilised ghosts in plays like Macbeth and other stories. The bottom line is that we have a longstanding fascination with ghost stories. We all enjoy the thrill of a fright in one form or another, and ghosts tap into our fear of the unknown. Ghost stories explore many different theories by depicting the experiences of living people whose lives are touched by these spirits.

It has become a popular genre for film and television, driving an entire sector of horror that frequently captures the imaginations of global audiences. Popular haunted house films include The Conjuring, The Woman in Black and Poltergeist, whilst television series like The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor have really taken off thanks to their ghostly storylines.

Vicarious thrills

Of course, none of us wants to genuinely live in fear for our lives. And that's the glory of horror as a genre. What’s more, is that ghost stories and horror in general are not restricted to television and film- we see them in other entertainment forms like video games and podcasts, literature, plays and more! From online slot arcades offering creepy slots like Ghost of Dead, to iconic plays like A Christmas Carol and more- nothing beats a good ghost storyline! Online slot arcades also offer a range of other slots and genres for those less into scary games. For those interested in fluffy cuddly toys and less scary elements, Fluffy Favourites is best suited than the likes of ghost-themed games.

Creative scares in movies & television

When people make movies and TV shows to scare people, they have a lot of methods of getting a reaction in the audience. Creepy atmospheres, jump scares, terrifying imagery, gruesome action - these are all staples of the horror genre, and ghost stories provide opportunities for all of them. Perhaps this is why ghost stories have emerged as such a popular horror medium. By their very nature as mysterious and otherworldly, ghosts create an undeniable chill. But they can also pounce into action at a moment's notice to scare, or they can appear in twisted and distorted forms to creep out their victims.

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