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The Doctor & The Brigadier First Meet In FRIENDS TO BE

This is nothing short of wonderful...
The 1968 Doctor Who serial The Web of Fear spent the best part of 40 years in the 'missing, believed wiped' category, so there was much celebration when a near-complete print was discovered in 2013, adding to the excitement of the 50th anniversary year. Not only did The Web of Fear include the Yeti but it also introduced the long running fan favourite supporting character Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

In the TV story, the moment where the Brigadier and the Doctor first meet actually takes place off-screen, but, as was often the case with the books, the 1976 Target novelisation expanded on the broadcast material and depicted their very first meeting. Now, in 2022, thanks to a talented team of incredibly dedicated fans, we can see how that first encounter went.

Beautifully animated to match the style of The Web of Fear's missing episode (and others from the Patrick Troughton era) by MaddoxProductions, and featuring the vocal talents of Cliff Chapman as the Doctor and Tony Fyler as the Brigadier (splendid chaps, all of them), please enjoy the surprisingly emotional Friends To Be...

That ending, right? 

And if you're interested in the creative process and how this marvelous piece of work came to be, you can find out more here.

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