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Should I Drink Coffee in the Morning?

The morning drink is undoubtedly coffee. The benefits of drinking an invigorating drink are controversial. What effect does coffee have on the human body? And is it worth drinking it in the morning?

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4 Advantages of Drinking Coffee

1. Prevention of cholelithiasis. Cholesterol is the main culprit of the disease. Thanks to the caffeine in the coffee, the gallbladder is cleaned and cholesterol clots do not accumulate.

2. Cheerfulness. The most common plus is coffee. If you don't drink it before going to bed.

3. Stimulates the central nervous system. It affects the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that prevents the development of dementia. Thanks to coffee, Alzheimer's disease does not develop.

4. Low-calorie content. The drink itself has 0 calories, if you do not add sugar, milk, and cream to it, the risk of getting better from coffee is zero.

4 Disadvantages of Drinking Coffee

1. Caffeine penetrates the placenta and breast milk. Therefore, pregnant and lactating women should give up this drink so as not to harm the child.

2. Caffeine leaches calcium. This leads to bone fragility. The problem can be solved if you take an additional 40 milligrams of calcium. Subject to compliance with its daily dose.

3. Caffeine increases blood pressure. This leads to a load on the heart, which is working faster than usual.

4. Dehydration of the body. To avoid this problem, it is necessary to drink a cup of coffee with one glass of water.

To Drink and Not to Drink?

Whether or not to drink coffee in the morning is the choice of each individual. When choosing this hot drink in the morning, you should let the body wake up on its own. It will take 2 hours. After that, a cup of coffee will give you a surge of strength, and mental performance and increase endurance. Therefore, the International Olympic Committee has introduced norms for athletes of 800 milligrams of coffee, which is about 7 cups. If you refuse coffee, it can be replaced with chicory, tea, cocoa, or another drink that will give you a boost of mood for the whole day.

The Effect of Coffee on the Head and Brain

Coffee tones invigorate, and also improve short-term memory and the overall level of concentration due to the caffeine and theanine contained in it. In addition, caffeine is an excellent natural stimulant of brain activity. It promotes the absorption of micronutrients by neurons and strengthens the central nervous system.

Good news for migraine sufferers: coffee dilates the vessels of the brain, which helps to reduce the intensity of headaches.

Drink more delicious coffee and enjoy the benefits of your favorite drink for your body! But with the consumption of coffee, you should be careful and not drink too much. One cup a day will be enough!

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