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Cult comics of all time that are relevant in 2023

Are you prepared to explore the eccentric universe of cult comics? Although these titles have been around for some time, their influence on fans persists even in 2023. Whether you're an enthusiastic reader or just beginning your journey with comic books - don't miss out on discovering these top five cult comics! 


"Watchmen" is an iconic comic book with a prominent spot among cult classics. It propelled the industry into new directions in the 1980s. The narrative examines profound themes related to vigilantism, caped crusaders, and power dynamics while providing commentary on human nature's complexities. 

But what set "Watchmen" apart from other comics at its time was its nuanced character development. Each character had its backstory with intricate motives woven into an elaborate web of intrigue to increase suspense throughout it. This excellent storytelling style, paired with stunning artwork, makes Watchman remain relevant even today! Why buy it now? You can find it digitally on websites like Comixology or your local library's digital collection. Fans of the genre won't want to miss this classic! 

The Sandman 

Another groundbreaking cult comic that still holds relevance today is Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman." This series took readers on an imaginative journey to the realm of dreams, following Dream (also known as Morpheus), one of seven powerful beings called the Endless, representing a different aspect of existence. 

With its layered and immersive storytelling, "The Sandman" became renowned for its brilliant writing. It also featured diverse artistic talents who contributed stunning visuals throughout it while exploring intricate themes such as mortality and human nature. The engaging narrative inspired countless writers and artists over time, making it a true classic of the comic book world! 


"Saga" by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples blends diverse elements such as romance, adventure, and space opera to take readers on an exciting journey from the beginning to its end. 

The storyline is about two lovers who make their way through intergalactic wars to protect their newborn daughter, no matter what. The stunning artwork adds depth to this engrossing narrative that is designed with uniqueness at heart. It's hardly surprising why fans around the globe adore this thought-provoking masterpiece! 

Y: The Last Man 

Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's "Y: The Last Man" is another cult classic worth checking out in 2023! A mysterious plague wipes all male mammals except Yorick Brown and his pet monkey, Ampersand. 

The story introduces readers to a world where gender and power dynamics are turned on their heads.

The captivating narrative follows Yorick's journey as he tries to find his girlfriend while encountering different groups with conflicting agendas, all wanting control over the last man on Earth. 

"Y: The Last Man" is known for exploring themes such as survival, politics, and feminism set against Pia Guerra's stunning artwork that captures the characters' emotions beautifully! 


Finally, you can't miss Transmetropolitan, a cult comic that offers readers an immersive dystopian experience set in the future. It features Spider Jerusalem, a gonzo journalist who tackles political corruption, social issues, and how technology impacts society. 

The series is packed with dark humor alongside biting commentary on modern-day problems like societal inequality. The artwork captures the chaos of city life and showcases individuality without compromising its integrity. 

"Transmetropolitan" isn't just another standard comic read; it challenges our norms as we know them, making us question everything - from politics to truth! Don’t hesitate since this gem is also available digitally online for reading pleasure. 


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