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3 Examples of Amazing Friendship Between Man and Animal

If you think that the concept of "strong friendship" exists only among people, then you are mistaken. Not only people, but also animals can make friends and take care of, and these 3 examples prove this.

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A Dog at the Train Station

It's safe to say that Hachiko's story is the most famous example of canine devotion. Hachiko was born in 1923 on a farm. When the puppy was a few months old, his owner gave the dog to Professor Hidesaburo Ueno, who worked at the University of Tokyo. Every morning Ueno left for work by train, and in the afternoon he returned. The dog always accompanied him to the entrance to Shibuya Station, and then at 3 p.m. returned there again to meet the owner. Hachiko met the professor every day, and he was never late. In 1925, Ueno did not return home. At the university, a man had a heart attack, doctors could not save him. Hachiko continued to come to the station, every day at 3 p.m. he sat down near the station building and patiently waited for his master to return. This went on for 9 years. In 1935, Hachiko, who was already 12 years old, died.

During his lifetime, a monument was erected to the dog, at the opening of which he was personally present. During the Second World War, the monument was destroyed – the metal was used for military needs. But in 1948, the monument to Hachiko at Shibuya Station was restored.

Meeting in the Jungle

Ecologist Damian Espinoll is the head of the Espinoll Foundation, which is engaged in breeding and returning gorillas and other animals to the wild. Once a man got a baby gorilla named Qibi. He raised the animal on his estate, and when Kvibi turned 5 years old and he became an adult, the ecologist released the gorilla into the wild in the jungles of Gabon. After 5 years, the man decided to visit Kvibi. It was dangerous because Qibi became an adult male gorilla who defended his territory from outsiders. There was also a possibility that the females would react aggressively to the appearance of a human.

Damian rented a boat and sailed it to the place where he released the Qibi. After the man called the gorilla, he went to the river bank. It was obvious that he recognized the man. The gorilla even hugged the man. After the man said goodbye to Qibi, he followed him to the boat, and then to the place where Damian set up his camp.

Dangerous Friendship

In 1989, Gilberto Shadden discovered a dying male crocodile on a riverbank in Costa Rica. The crocodile was wounded in the head — he was shot by a local farmer during one of the attacks on cows. Instead of leaving the animal, the man brought him home by boat and began to nurse him. Gilberto had to hide the crocodile, to which he gave the name Poco until he received permission from the authorities to keep the animal. After the crocodile recovered, Gilberto released him into the river so that he could return to his normal life. But Poco refused to return home, and the next morning the man found him on his veranda. Soon Gilberto, whom everyone began to call "Chito" ("crocodile shaman"), began performing with a crocodile in an artificial lake near the house. 

A documentary film "The Man who swims with a Crocodile" was even made about the amazing friendship of a man and a crocodile. Poco died of natural causes in 2011. His effigy is behind glass in the exhibition of the city museum. It's amazing, but in all their 20-year friendship, Poco never bit a man and never tried to attack him.

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