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10 Things You Might Not Know About X-MEN (2000)

Ah, X-MEN. Released in the midst of our global sigh of relief that Y2K hadn't sent us all back to the stone age, this film showcased mutants in a way we'd never seen on the big screen before. As we gleefully polished off our dial-up internet connections and sank our teeth into the new millennium, Bryan Singer was busy making superhero history. And while we may think we know the X-MEN film inside and out, here are ten juicy tidbits to mull over:

The One Where Wolverine Almost Had an Accent: If you can believe it, our beloved Wolverine almost had an entirely different voice. Hugh Jackman initially tried out a distinct Canadian brogue for Logan. After a few test scenes, the idea was scrapped. Jackman has since jokingly lamented that the decision robbed him of a unique acting challenge.

Dougray Scott's Close Call: Speaking of Wolverine, Dougray Scott was on deck to play the role but had to bow out due to his commitments to “Mission: Impossible II”. It’s intriguing to wonder how differently Scott might have portrayed the character, and how it would've impacted Wolverine's on-screen future.

Joss Whedon's Tinkering: Remember Storm's unique line, “Do you know what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning?" Joss Whedon, who had a hand in revising the script, penned it. It was meant to be delivered with comedic flair, but, well... sometimes things just don’t translate from script to screen.

Mystique’s Hidden Sacrifice: While Rebecca Romijn’s transformation into Mystique was nothing short of spellbinding, it came at a price. The makeup process took nine hours, and Romijn could only consume specific foods while in character to ensure the makeup didn't smudge or fade. Even then, the process was so gruelling that she often required oxygen breaks to counteract the effects of the heavy paint.

The Real-Life X Mansion: The elegant mansion serving as Professor X's school for the gifted is actually the Hatley Castle in British Columbia, Canada. This beautiful estate has also appeared in other movies and shows, so its familiarity might just be your mutant power of déjà vu kicking in.

Singer's Quick Dip: Our very own director Bryan Singer made a brief appearance in the film. During the cage fight scene, Logan is battling a fierce opponent, and if you look quickly, you'll see Singer in the audience, shouting and enjoying the mutant mayhem.

The Unseen Stan Lee: It's almost a tradition to find Stan Lee making a cameo in Marvel films. He was all set to appear in X-Men as a hot dog vendor during Senator Kelly's beach scene. Sadly, his moment ended up on the cutting room floor. But as we all know, Lee had no shortage of cameos in subsequent films.

The Wolverine Hair Affair: That iconic Wolverine hairdo? It wasn’t an easy feat. It required an army of hairstylists, countless iterations, and the patience of an immortal mutant to get it just right. The first attempts were deemed too extreme, with Jackman himself admitting he looked more like a rockstar from the 80s than the rugged mutant we've come to love.

The Liberty Switcheroo: The film's climax at the Statue of Liberty wasn't the initial choice. Earlier drafts of the script had the action unfold at the United Nations building. But a change in plans moved the showdown to Lady Liberty. Perhaps they felt mutants and symbolic freedom just had a better ring to it.

The Magneto Casting Carousel: Before Sir Ian McKellen put on Magneto's helmet, a few big names were in the mix. Christopher Lee and Terence Stamp were considered, and even Sir Sean Connery was approached. While all are undoubtedly talented, it's hard to imagine anyone but McKellen delivering Magneto's complex character so exquisitely.

And there you have it! Some delicious nuggets of knowledge to chew on next time you dive back into the world of X-MEN. Because when it comes to mutants, there's always more than meets the eye.

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