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10 Things You Might Not Know About X2 (2003)

As we eased into the new millennium, the sequels came rolling in. The mutants were back, and with more sass, spectacle, and Singer (Bryan, that is). Now, I know you're thinking you know this film like the back of your clawed hand, but let's test that mutant knowledge, shall we?

A Title Tangle: The movie’s official title "X2" is a little mysterious, isn't it? Well, originally it was going to be "X-Men 2: X-Men United", but that was deemed too lengthy. Even still, many promotional materials, especially outside the US, used the “X-Men United” tag. Now, saying that five times fast? A challenge even for Quicksilver.

Wolverine's Wounded Wrist: Ever the committed actor, Hugh Jackman accidentally stabbed himself with Wolverine's claws while filming a scene in the X-Mansion. Thankfully, he wasn’t seriously hurt, but it makes you wonder if his insurance policy includes "self-inflicted adamantium injuries".

Sneaky Beast and Gambit Nods: True fans had their eyes peeled for Hank McCoy (Beast) during a quick news clip. Yes, he was there, albeit not in his blue furry form! As for Gambit, though he didn’t make a full appearance until the Wolverine spin-offs, his name can be spotted on one of Stryker’s computer screens. The tease!

Nightcrawler's Missing Tail Scene: Remember Nightcrawler's mind-bending acrobatics? They were something, but we were robbed of a scene where his tail was the star! Alan Cumming, who played Nightcrawler, had practised intensely with his tail to pick up a pen. But the scene was cut, leaving Cumming's efforts... well, tailing off.

Lady Deathstrike's Silent Stint: Yuriko Oyama, aka Lady Deathstrike, played by Kelly Hu, had a whopping total of zero lines in the entire film. However, her on-screen presence and epic showdown with Wolverine spoke volumes. They say actions speak louder than words, and in her case, those actions involved a lot of clawing and smashing.

Jean Grey’s Fiery Foreshadowing: At the movie’s end, when the camera hovers over Alkali Lake, a very faint shape of a Phoenix can be seen under the water. It's a neat foreshadowing for the next installment, "X-Men: The Last Stand", where Jean Grey's alter-ego, Phoenix, truly emerges and things get... heated.

Cyclops' Limited Screentime: James Marsden, our beloved Cyclops, was also working on the film “The Notebook” around the same time as X2. This scheduling conflict led to Cyclops being captured early on in the film to allow Marsden to, well, go be all dreamy with Rachel McAdams.

Wolverine’s Trailer Trouble: For one of Wolverine’s memorable scenes, he had to run out of an exploding building (as you do). Jackman, ever the daredevil, did his own stunts. However, the explosion was a bit stronger than anticipated, leading to a slightly singed Wolverine. That said, a little blast wasn’t going to slow down our Logan.

The Extended White House Sequence: The opening White House attack sequence, one of the film's most memorable moments, was initially a lot shorter. However, after test audiences loved Nightcrawler's bamfing about, the scene was extended. More bamfs? Always a good idea.

Magneto's Escape Music: When Magneto breaks out of his plastic prison, the opera piece playing in the background is from Mozart's "The Magic Flute". It’s a neat nod as the piece tells the story of a prince who undergoes trials to rescue his love. Magneto facing off against humans to save his fellow mutants? Sounds about right.

There you have it! Even the most die-hard fans might find something new to marvel at here (pun absolutely intended). So next time you sit down to watch X2, you’ll have a few extra trivia nuggets to impress your friends with. Just remember: sharing is caring, especially when it comes to geek knowledge.

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