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10 Things You Might Not Know About LOGAN (2017)

The year was 2017, and the cinemas witnessed a gritty, gut-wrenching, and altogether different X-Men offering – "LOGAN". Trading spandex for scars, Hugh Jackman gave us a raw portrayal of Wolverine unlike anything we'd seen before. But while the on-screen action was grabbing us by our emotional jugulars, there were a myriad of behind-the-scenes titbits, Easter eggs, and fun facts going unnoticed. Well, fear not dear reader, for I have unsheathed these trivia tidbits just for you!

The Title Tidbit:
Would you believe "LOGAN" wasn’t the first title choice? Director James Mangold initially wanted to avoid superhero movie title clichés. One of the early working titles was reportedly "Juarez". Imagine Wolverine crossing those Mexican borders under that banner!

Old Man Jackman:
Getting into the skin of an old Logan wasn't just about acting chops. Jackman reportedly woke up every morning at 3 am to begin a process that involved wrinkle enhancement and prosthetics to sell that "seasoned" look.

The Wolverine Diet:
For that ripped Wolverine body, Hugh Jackman was on a 6,000-calorie daily diet, accompanied by an intense workout routine. So, next time you’re tucking into that salad, just remember Wolverine's munching on six chickens!

The Comic Connection:
Those X-Men comics Laura is seen flipping through? They were made explicitly for the movie! Although they’re based on actual X-Men stories, the designs and illustrations were newly crafted to fit the film's narrative.

The Voice of an Icon:
In one scene, you can hear a voiceover from the classic 1953 Western film "Shane". It's no accident! Mangold drew significant inspiration from it, making "LOGAN" a modern-day Western of sorts.

No CGI Claws Here:
Remember the earlier Wolverine movies and their slightly questionable CGI claws? For "LOGAN", Jackman had practical claw props. So, those fight scenes? All the more intense and real!

A Nod to Jean:
Subtle and deep. If you listen closely during one particular scene, there's a musical nod to Jean Grey from "The Last Stand". Just a hint of a theme plays, reflecting Logan’s ever-present grief.

The Limousine Lore:
Logan’s limo, a key element in the film, is a custom-made beast. They had multiples, each tailored for different types of stunts and scenes. Bet you won't look at chauffeur services the same way again!

R-Rated Reasons:
Mangold and Jackman took pay cuts to ensure "LOGAN" got an R-rating. The intent? To give the character a proper, unfiltered farewell. And boy, did that pay off!

Logan's Passing:
Spoiler, but by now, who hasn’t seen it? Logan's death wasn't just for dramatic effect. It was symbolically passing the torch to the newer generation of mutants. And if you didn't cry, we need to talk.

As with every film, there are always layers beneath the surface, waiting to be uncovered. Logan offered not just a heart-tugging narrative but also a treasure trove of secrets. And while our beloved Wolverine may have hung up his claws, his legacy lives on, in more ways than you might think!

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