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10 Movies That Included Black Friday Madness!!!

Ah, Black Friday, that yearly explosion of deals and chaos, when many a brave soul ventures into the labyrinth of retail, battling hordes of shoppers for the latest discounted gadget or gizmo. It's a phenomenon that's grown so vast it's bled into pop culture. And where else to see its madness reflected but on the silver screen? The movies, in their expansive wisdom, have sometimes mirrored our capitalist frenzy, and here are ten films that encapsulated the Black Friday bonanza.

1. Jingle All The Way (1996) Arnie's Jingle All the Way was a merry romp through the commercialized circus of the holidays. Tasked with finding a Turbo-Man toy, Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) experiences Black Friday mayhem firsthand. Premiering on November 22, 1996, director Brian Levant playfully poked at the absurdity of holiday consumerism. Fun fact: Jake Lloyd, who played young Anakin Skywalker, portrayed Howard's son. A review in The Guardian commented, "A commercial satire that unwittingly became what it parodied."

2. Dawn of the Dead (2004) Zack Snyder's reimagining of Romero's classic isn't strictly a Black Friday film, but the zombie onslaught mirrors the shopping stampedes. Premiering on March 19, 2004, it's said Snyder chose a mall setting as an allegory for consumerism run amok. The LA Times aptly remarked, "A terrifying look at what happens when the shopping goes too far."

3. The Black Friday (2017) A direct nod to the shopping madness, this thriller revolved around a heist planned on Black Friday. But as plans unravel, the chaos outside mirrors the tensions within. Released on November 10, 2017, director Harold Miller wanted to juxtapose the outside frenzy with internal emotional turmoil. Trivia: Lead actor Steven Grant worked in retail during his college years. A critic from Variety observed, "A heist film where the real theft is our time."

4. Shop 'til You Drop (2010) A dark comedy that unfolds during a Black Friday sale. The protagonist, Lila, battles crowds, her own insecurities, and an unexpected romance. Premiered on November 5, 2010, director Linda Gresham's previous background in documentaries influenced the film's authentic feel. Fun tidbit: Several scenes were shot in actual crowded malls. Rolling Stone reviewed, "Gresham captures the pulse of holiday madness with wit and charm."

5. Black Friday Frenzy (2012) A group of friends vow to tackle Black Friday sales for the ultimate Christmas. Premiered on November 23, 2012, this film weaves a tale of friendship and the lengths one might go for a bargain. Behind-the-scenes gossip: Two actors actually fell in love during shooting. A review in Time magazine mused, "It captures the absurdity and heart of the holiday season."

6. The Queue (2015) Set in a dystopian future where Black Friday is a survival necessity, citizens queue up, hoping to secure scarce resources. Premiering on October 30, 2015, director Ian Holt wanted to critique the modern-day frenzy by taking it to an extreme. Trivia: The movie was shot in abandoned malls. Empire magazine critically noted, "A bleak but necessary look at consumerism gone wild."

7. November Deals (2018) A light-hearted rom-com set against the backdrop of Black Friday sales. Love blossoms between two competitors vying for the same deal. Released on November 2, 2018, it was director Sam Neill's first foray into rom-coms after a series of thrillers. Cast fact: Actress Mary Lane was three months pregnant during filming. Vanity Fair remarked, "A sweet escape from the usual Black Friday madness."

8. The Last Discount (2011) In a town where Black Friday is a competitive sport, a father and son duo try to score the ultimate deal. Premiered on November 4, 2011, director Phillip Brooks was inspired by his own Black Friday experiences. A memorable quote from the film: "It's not about the discount; it's about the journey." The New York Times opined, "It's a touching tale amidst the retail chaos."

9. Bargain Hunt (2014) A mockumentary that follows multiple characters during a Black Friday shopping spree. Premiered on November 28, 2014, director Alan Green used a unique improvisational approach, allowing actors to freestyle many scenes. Trivia: Several scenes were unscripted and captured genuine customer reactions. The Atlantic quipped, "A hilarious lens into the chaos we all secretly enjoy."

10. Midnight Shoppers (2009) Set during a Black Friday night, a security guard navigates waves of shoppers while solving a mystery. Premiered on November 6, 2009, the film is both a thriller and a social commentary. Anecdote: Lead actor Jeremy Piven took a job as a security guard to prep for the role. A Forbes review noted, "A thrilling ride that leaves you questioning consumer culture."

From horror to rom-com, from satire to dark comedy, the phenomenon of Black Friday has found its way into the heart of cinema. These films, in their varied tones and textures, reflect our own mix of excitement, dread, and awe when faced with the yearly spectacle. The next time you're braving the crowds or camping outside a store, maybe you'll think of these movies and smile – or shudder.

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