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IVOR THE ENGINE from Candy Jar Books, Review

Candy Jar Books has rekindled the magic of Oliver Postgate's beloved children's series with a stunning reproduction of the first "Ivor the Engine" book, initially released in 1962. This isn't just any reprint; it's a meticulously crafted hardback that captures the essence and charm of the original. Beautifully written by Oliver Postgate and illustrated with the original artwork of Peter Firmin, this edition is a testament to the timeless allure of "Ivor the Engine."

Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin, a dynamic duo of children's entertainment, shaped the childhood of an entire generation through their creations, including "Pogles Wood," "Bagpuss," "The Clangers," and "Noggin the Nog." Among these legendary characters stands Ivor the Engine, the sentient train engine from North Wales with aspirations beyond his rails. Ivor's story, set against the backdrop of a close-knit community, reflects Postgate's commitment to themes like community and mutual support, derived from his own radical, conscientious background.

The story itself is a whimsical journey. Ivor isn't your average engine; he harbors a unique desire to join the local choir, a dream that's both charming and surreal. This narrative, infused with warmth and a touch of magic, is brought to life through Firmin's exquisite illustrations. His work seamlessly transitions between beautiful watercolors and detailed black-and-white drawings, allowing even the youngest of readers to engage with the story visually.

In the book, we meet Ivor, who's feeling a bit off-kilter, not due to a lack of coal or water but something deeper, something that can't be fixed by conventional engineering. With the help of Jones the Steam, Dai Station, and the community, Ivor's true passion is discovered and celebrated, making him the proudest engine around.

This reproduction isn't just a book; it's a collector's item and a piece of nostalgia for adults who grew up with Ivor. Yet, it's also a new gateway for children to enter a world where engines dream of singing and communities come together to support one another. The book's production, with its crisp printing, heavy-grade paper, and royal blue cloth board covers, ensures it's an item to be treasured.

The collaboration between Postgate and Firmin was more than just a partnership; it was a shared vision of creating content that spoke to children's imaginations and hearts. "Ivor the Engine" does just that. It's a story that transcends generations, proving that some tales never lose their steam.

As readers young and old embark on this journey with Ivor, they'll find themselves not just revisiting a beloved character but rediscovering the joy and wonder of childhood storytelling. With Candy Jar Books at the helm, this new edition promises to continue the legacy of Ivor, enchanting new audiences and rekindling fond memories for those who grew up with the original series. The world of "Ivor the Engine" is a testament to the enduring power of storytelling, art, and the simple joy of a little engine with a big dream.

Ivor The Engine is available to purchase now.

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