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The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Best Christmas Ever, Review

In "The Best Christmas Ever," a compelling collection of three short stories by Chris Lynch, readers are taken on a yuletide journey through the Christmases of 2018, 2019, and 2020 with Lucy Wilson and her best friend Hobo. Lucy, the granddaughter of the renowned Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, and Hobo find themselves entangled in a series of thrilling, sometimes terrifying adventures that blend the festive spirit with otherworldly dangers. Their escapades include battling malevolent creatures and delving into the mysteries left behind by her grandfather, all set against the backdrop of the holiday season.

The anthology kicks off with "A Little Lucy Christmas," originally given to fans for free on Christmas Day 2020, followed by "The Grey Lady of Martyr’s House" from Christmas 2021. Finally, the collection introduces "The Krampus Who Came to Tea," a brand-new story adding a sinister twist to the holiday cheer with the introduction of Krampus, the half-goat, half-demon figure from folklore known to punish misbehaving children during the festive season.

In the first story, readers are transported to the peculiar village of Frostingale, where the darkness of eleven months is suddenly pierced by bright Christmas lights. Here, Lucy's somewhat moody and exasperated persona is contrasted against the charming, yet eerie setting as she uncovers connections to her grandfather's past. The narrative takes a turn for the surreal when Lucy and Hobo are sucked into a miniature Victorian village, reminiscent of scenes from 'Beetlejuice,' leading them on a path filled with danger and discovery.

The subsequent stories continue to weave the extraordinary into the fabric of the festive season. From haunted mansions reminiscent of Victorian ghost stories to cultural references like 'Scooby Doo,' the tales combine nostalgia with fresh, exciting twists. Lucy and Hobo's adventures are not just thrilling; they are a testament to their bravery and quick thinking, often involving otherworldly threats that require their unique talents and immediate attention.

Head of publishing at Candy Jar, Shaun Russell, emphasizes that this collection, years in the making, is a gift to the readers and a continuation of a festive tradition. The book, beautifully illustrated by popular Beano artist Steve Beckett, brings to life the thrilling, yet heartwarming world of Lucy Wilson with intrigue and Christmas cheer.

Chris Lynch has crafted a series of stories that are as much a part of Christmas as decorating the tree or wrapping presents. His unique blend of festive cheer with science fiction elements makes "The Best Christmas Ever" an untraditional, yet immensely enjoyable read. These tales of aliens, monsters, and mysterious time-traveling goatmen are sure to become a festive staple in many households.

Candy Jar Books’ anthology offers new readers a chance to dive into the extraordinary life of Lucy Wilson while providing long-time fans with fresh adventures to enjoy. With the holiday season upon us, this collection promises to deliver excitement, mystery, and a dash of Christmas magic. Whether it's uncovering one of Grandad's old secrets, exploring a haunted mansion, or encountering the mythical Krampus, Lucy Wilson's Christmas is never dull. And as readers turn the pages, they too will find themselves wondering, which Christmas is the best one ever?

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