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The Best Slots Based on Video Games

As far as casino games go, there’s no more popular entertainment than slots. As a result, the world’s top game developers are constantly battling one another to come up with exciting new content. Fresh themes and new ways to play are the order of the day when it comes to pleasing slot players.  

While classic slots with their vintage symbols have their fans, video slots have taken a new direction. Some of the most common themes for more modern video slots include fantasy, horror, music, mythology, and space. But video game-themed slots are also on the hot list and are winning the hearts of players everywhere.  

Players get the best of both worlds when they play video game-themed slots, and this list runs down the best of them! 

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare set the bar for first-person shooter genre games. This is because of its cinematic storytelling, intense mechanics, and hyper-realistic graphics. It was released back in 2007. It has been thrilling players with its engaging single-player campaign and fascinating multiplayer modes ever since. It has gone on to become the most important iteration of the famous franchise.  

When you play this slots game, you’ll be faced with a background riddled with bullet holes. This really sets the tone. Players will be very familiar with all of the reel icons. They’re based on weapons in the game and include gas masks, AK47 rifles, hand grenades, claymore mines, and flash-bangs. All of these animate when they become part of a winning combination.  


In the Hitman video game series, players take on the role of a very skilled assassin, known only as Agent 47. Their job is to carry out kill contracts across the world. The Hitman blend of action, stealth, and strategy as players navigate through complex environments to eliminate their targets as discreetly as possible is phenomenal.  

With coin denominations ranging from 0.01 to 0.25, the Hitman slot game by Microgaming appeals to players with a range of different budgets. The biggest possible jackpot is 20,000, and the video game’s main character functions as a wild. This means that it can stand in for other symbols to create winning combinations.  

Street Fighter 

This vintage arcade fighting game transformed the genre with its varied roster of characters and iconic special moves. Players are asked to take on opponents in fierce one-on-one battles. They need to master intricate combos and come up with innovative strategies to ensure they win. Its ruthless gameplay and unforgettable characters have ensured its legacy.  

In the online pokies real money version of Street Fighter, all 8 characters appear, each with its own modifier. Players are asked to choose a character to battle with and can then bet anything from 0.20 to 700 per spin! Once chosen, the character elected for gameplay will be sent off to a random part of the world to do their first fight, which includes multiple spins.  

Tomb Raider 

Players assume the character of Lara Croft, an adventurous archaeologist, in the Tomb Raider video game series. She then sets off to battle enemies, explore ancient ruins, and solve puzzles in search of hidden treasure. Famous for delivering immersive gameplay and creating a truly legendary heroine, Tomb Raider has become a keystone of action/adventure gaming.  

Microgaming’s Tomb Raider slot features 15 active paylines and a 5x3 grid, along with the potential payout of an eyewatering 248,700 coins. Players are asked to match a total of 11 symbols, including a scatter, wild, and bonus symbol, each of which contains its own prize giving potential when appearing in the same combination of symbols.  

Press Play 

Slots with a video game theme offer players a truly unique blend of nostalgia and excitement. The thrill of being able to relive some of their best gaming experiences with the chance of winning some serious real money prizes is a heady one for players! The combination of well-known characters, engaging gameplay, and thrilling extra features like wilds and scatters makes these slots offer an immersive playing experience that appeals to pretty much everyone 

Are you ready to take a spin down memory lane and possibly boost your bankroll to the tune of hundreds of thousands? Take some time to check out video game-themed slots today.  

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