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When Should You Consider an App Redesign?

Just like how we make changes in our lives and do a completely new make-over, apps are just the same and require a new make-over and design after a while. But the problem with app redesign is that it can be an expensive and time-consuming process that is easier said than done. App redesign requires a lot of planning, time, money, and resources and should only be done when there is an actual need for it. Otherwise, you might end up wasting a lot of time and resources on nothing. With that said, let us discuss some points that explain when you should consider an app redesign.

Your App Has an Outdated Design

The first and foremost point when you should consider an app redesign is when your app has an outdated design. Although there are no proper criteria to define what an outdated design is, just by looking at an app’s design you can understand whether it has a modern design or an outdated design. The problem with a bad or outdated design is that not only does it look bad but most users also associate it with bad service and it can lead to a lot of users simply uninstalling the app.

Human beings are naturally attracted to good-looking things and the same is the case for mobile apps. Therefore, if your app has an outdated or bad design, consider an app redesign like TapTap mobile (APK download).

You're Rebranding

If you are planning to do a rebranding then a redesign might be necessary for your app. Redesigning an app during the process of rebranding isn’t that difficult because it mostly involves changing the user interface and visual elements of the app. It is the least daunting redesign and it is necessary when you are rebranding to give your app a modern and sleek look that perfectly matches with your rebranding.

Users are Demanding an App Redesign

The third point when you should consider an app redesign is when your users are demanding one. Getting consistent feedback from your users about the app design being outdated or the app being too hard to use is a good sign that you should redesign the app and improve the app’s user interface. Taking user feedback seriously and taking action on it also demonstrates your commitment to your users and increases user satisfaction rates.

Poor App Metrics

When your app design and user interface seem fine to you but app metrics say something else then it is time to consider an app redesign. Your app design and interface may seem alright to you but not to your users because they may be looking for something else and most app metrics directly link to an app’s design.

If user retention, user adoption, or conversions are poor, then the problem might be with your app’s user interface or user experience and you should take a closer look into the user journey to identify the design flaws and improve on them.

To Differentiate from Competitors

Another reason why you should consider an app redesign is when you want to differentiate your app from the competition. In such instances, your app’s design, UX, and UI would be perfectly alright but your competitors may be using similar visuals, design, and app flow. So to avoid being in the same basket as your competition, you should consider an app revamp and redesign to differentiate and lead from your customers in every aspect. Having a different design from your competition can sometimes provide you with an unnoticed competitive edge that can be pivotal for your success.

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