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Can You Name These Fictional Bars? Answers

15 fictional bars from the world of television and cinema, but could you name where they all came from?
Could you name all the television shows and films that featured these fictional bars? Or where you stuck on some? Check your answers below...

1. The Bamboo Lounge - Goodfellas

2. The Blue Oyster - The Police Academy films

3. Duke's Pub - Martin Crane's old favourite drinking establishment in Frasier

4. El Rancho - Citizen Cane

5. Merlotte's Bar And Grill - True Blood

6. The Green Dragon - The Hobbiton local from Lord of the Rings

7. Jack Rabbit Slim's - Where that famous dance scene took place in Pulp Fiction

8. The Leaky Cauldron - Harry Potter

9. LUX - Run by everyone's favourtie devil Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer

10.  MacLaren's Pub - What felt like one of only two sets seen in How I Met Your Mother

11. P3 - Run by the Halliwell sisters in the original series of Charmed

12. Paddy's Pub - From Trump's favourite city where It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

13. Rick's Cafe American - Just don't ask him to play it again if you're in Casablanca

14. Titty Twister - From Dusk Till Dawn

15. The Boar's Nest - The Duke's of Hazzard

So how many of these fictional bars from film and television did you recognise?

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