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This Week In DOCTOR WHO History: Jan 24th to Jan 30th

Here's the plan Liz. I'll point this whisk at that dummy whilst you serve the tea...

Click on any red text to read our full retrospectives/reviews for that episode. All dates and viewing figures are for UK premier broadcasts unless otherwise stated.

January 24th
It's a day full of finales from the classic Who archives. First up part four of Spearhead From Space which was watched by 8.1 million viewers on this day in 1970. Six years later the last installment of The Brain of Morbius drew an audience of 10.2 million, and finally in 1981 7.8 million tuned into the final part of Warriors' Gate.

January 25th
On this day in 1964 the penultimate episode of The Daleks (entitled The Ordeal) was watched by a mighty 10.4 million viewers. Five years later the Second Doctor began a new adventure, as 6.6 million people tuned into The Seeds Of Death.

In 1975 the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry took 9.4 million earthlings on a new adventure to The Ark In Space. One regeneration and seven years later, part three of Four To Doomsday was watched by 8.8 million. The following year the Fifth Doctor was going up against the Mara, again, as 6.6 million tuned in Tuesday evening to catch part three of Snakedance.

January 26th
Part three of Invasion of the Dinosaurs was broadcast this day in 1974 and watched by a whopping 11 million viewers.

I know what you're thinking, that picture above is Tim Peake out on his latest space walk, but you're wrong! Cast your mind back to Tuesday January 26th 1982 and part four of Four To Doomsday, which broadcast at 7:06pm and watched by 9.4 million viewers, and you'll remember the Fifth Doctor's space adventures with a cricket ball.

What else do we have for this day? Well there's part four of Snakedance which aired the following year and was watched by 7.4 million. And in his final season, Peter Davison's Doctor began a new adventure with Frontios, broadcast Thursday January 26th at 6.41pm to an audience of 8 million.

One final story for this day, and it's from the Sixth Doctor. The second and final part of Vengeance On Varos was broadcast in 1985 and watched by 7 million.

January 27th
On this day in 1968 8.3 million people were watching the Second Doctor in episode six of The Enemy of the World. A new adventure for The Third Doctor began in 1973, as 10.3 million watched Carnival Of Monsters. Moving onto 1979 and part two of The Armageddon Factor drew an audience of 8.8 million. Finally, for the old gogglebox, on Friday January 27th 1984 part two of Frontios was watched by 5.8 million viewers. But that's not quite all, as on this day in 1996 the second part of the Third Doctor radio drama, The Ghosts of N Space was broadcast. 

January 28th
In 1967 episode 3 of The Underwater Menace drew an audience of 7.1 million viewers. Also, on this day in 1978, prepare yourself to be astounded by the cutting edge CSO trickery on display in part four of Underworld! 11.7 million people couldn't quite believe their eyes (a-hem).

January 29th
First up on this day is episode 12 of the epic First Doctor adventure The Daleks' Master Plan (entitled The Destruction Of Time). It was the final episode in this story, and as it is currently missing presumed wiped only the 8.6 million people tuned into BBC One at 5.50pm that Saturday in 1966 have fully enjoyed it in its entirety.

Moving on to 1972 and episode one of The Curse Of Peladon, which drew an audience of 10.3 million. Also on this day in 1977, Robot Fight!!!! As 12.1 million people tuned in to watch the opening episode of The Robots Of Death. 

January 30th
Episode three of the pure historical adventure The Romans (entitled Conspiracy) was shown this day in 1965 and watched by 10 million viewers. Two regenerations and 6 years later, the Third Doctor began a new adventure, as 6.1 million tuned into The Mind Of Evil.

And we have an episode of Torchwood to finish up this week's selection. To the Last Man was broadcast in 2008 at 9:00pm and watched by 3.51 million viewers.

That's it for this week, but did you watch any of these adventures live? We'd love to hear your memories about any of them. Tell us in the comments below.

Until next Sunday...


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