Lost in translation!!!! GAME OF THORS and other funny bootleg DVD covers - Part 2 - Warped Factor - Words in the Key of Geek.

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Lost in translation!!!! GAME OF THORS and other funny bootleg DVD covers - Part 2

Here's the second half of our favourite funny bootleg DVD covers...

"Too self-absorbed to fully connect with an audience" - I have to say, it's harsh, but kinda true.

"Dated and only intermittently funny" - Again, they've got a point.

That's not the Scarface I remember.

Lost In Translation starring Dustin Hoffman as Bill Murray.

"The Loin King", it may be "Not as good as the first one, but OK"

I rarely use the term wtf, but WTF?

Ned Stark is Thor!

Presumably Dr Bruce Banner went into one of those transporters from The Fly. He didn't notice there was a King Kong in there with him. Now he is Banner-Kong, don't make him angry!!!
You'd buy that, wouldn't you?

Just how I remember it.

John McClane is a "Reluctant Hero" and "He has no shoes!". When the shot hits the fan again John McClane must be a "Reluctant Hero", again, "But this time he has shoes!". Well OK then.

Battlestar Galactica, the "good-hearted tween comedy" featuring the Starship Enterprise. Watch out for that ending though!

Arrested Development is arguably "the best  sitcom on broadcast television". Season 4 however was on Netflix, but let's not quibble about that, let's just enjoy the times when "Pebbles meets Bamm-Bamm" and the "ebackstory of how Fred and Barney originally met batty and Wilma". Classic times!

"Guys...where are we?" In some Taiwanese knock off shop I think.

I'm not sure if Richard Roeper honestly thought the story of Flight 93 and the World Trade Center attack was "A lot of fun", but somehow I doubt it.

"Lonely man must use chemistry skills" in this new sitcom.

The ultimate movie mash-up of all time. Bizarre.


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