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Is Phil Collins in the next TERMINATOR movie?

We're on the fence when it comes to another Terminator movie. Salvation had some high points but let's face it, it was no Judgement Day! And let's not even talk about Rise Of The Machines!!

Still, a new Terminator movie and TV series is happening and we might just have the name of the movie here...

That's taken from the Twitter stream of Production Weekly. TERMINATOR : GENESIS they say, and it looks, and sounds, quite likely to be true.

Aside from the movie title we don't know much more, except that earlier this year Arnold Schwarzenegger said "I'll be back", or at 66 maybe that should be "Ow, my back"! And there's been no official confirmation yet whether the 'Genesis' in the title might refer to either the phenomenally successful Phil Collins era line-up or the earlier experimental Peter Gabriel period!

Mama (!), I really don't know where they can go with this franchise, the whole thing seems like a land of confusion (!), part of me thinks they should dump a lot of the established continuity and just reboot the series completely.

How about turning the Terminator into a CGI cyborg-racoon (everyone's going to want one after Guardians Of The Galaxy comes out), he's sent back in time to gather nuts. Saving other woodland creatures on his way, "Come with me if you want to live through the Winter" type thing.

Your Terminator : Genesis thoughts below please...

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