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The Morgan Spurlock One Direction movie we really wanted

You can say what you like about One Direction but there is no denying the phenomenal success they have achieved over the last 3 years. This Summer saw the release of their 3D film This Is Us (or 1D3D as the 'kids' apparently call it!). So far it has grossed over $67million at the box office, and with the DVD/Blu-Ray out next week that figure is sure to rocket.

The movie was directed by Morgan Spurlock, the man responsible for the Super Size Me documentary film and the series of 30 Days shows, so did they miss a trick here?

It probably wouldn't have been as popular with the 1D fans but I would've loved to have seen a movie following Morgan Spurlock whilst he has to listen to nothing but One Direction songs for 30 days.

We slowly see his descent into madness...
On day 1 Morgan accepts the challenge and has a specially adapted iPod surgically attached to his head. It is loaded up with nothing but One Direction songs and set on shuffle. At Midday Morgan hits play.
On Day 3 Morgan is still happily going about his everyday life and finding himself singing along to various tunes. His favourite being 'Gotta Be You'.
Day 5 Morgan says how much he now hates 'Gotta Be You', he's visibly angry with himself and can't understand why he thought it was in anyway superior to 'One Thing'. The iPod plays 'One Thing'  and Morgan smiles.
Day 6 and Morgan has developed a severe nervous twitch above his left eye.
By day 9 he's ripped out patches of hair.
Day 14 his whole body is now covered in One Direction tattoos.
On day 17 he sells all his belongings to purchase the worlds largest One Direction shrine and buys 45,000 damaged 1D dolls from eBay.
Day 21 Morgan Spurlock is officially homeless with nothing but the iPod strapped to his head. The camera pans out from Morgan, stood alone in a council estate in Croydon stripped down to his pants. The iPod blasts out 'You Don't Know You're Beautiful'.
Day 25 we see a barely recognisable Morgan pushing along a shopping trolly full of his favorite Harry dolls.
On day 29 his soliloquy to camera explains he's listened to 'One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)' over 10,000 times and still can't understand how anyone thought it would be a good idea, at midnight he decides to end it all.
Day 30, Morgan stands at the edge of the top level in a car park in Croydon, Niall and Zayn exit a limo and talk him down. They embrace and Morgan, who is now rocking backwards and forwards chanting the lyrics from 'Live While We're Young' over and over again. Morgan is taken away in an ambulance. Simon Cowell earns another billion.

One Direction : This Is Us is released on DVD & Blu-ray December 19th.

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