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What's the connection between THE HUNGER GAMES : MOCKINGJAY and ARROW?

Acting roles eh? They're just like buses. You wait for one for ages and then all of a sudden two come along.

And that seems to be the case for Robert Knepper. Him from Prison Break and Heroes.

Yesterday Lionsgate used their Facebook page to announce that Knepper was to be cast as Antonius in next years The Hunger Games : Mockingjay. Antonius is a new character and does not appear in the Suzanne Collins book. It's unknown if he will walk around with his trouser pocket turned inside out, but that's unlikely!

The Hunger Games : Mockingjay part 1 is due out November 2014.

Shortly after that revelation we learned that Robert Knepper had also been cast as William Tockman, AKA the Clock King, in The CW TV show Arrow. The latest adversary for Oliver Queen pulled from The DC catalogue, Clock King is a brilliant criminal who plans his crimes with the utmost precision, down to the second.

Of course he does.

We like ourselves a bit of Arrow and are pleased that it's still doing so well. When Summer Glau joined the cast of season 2. as Isabel Rochev. we were worried the 'Summer Glau Curse' may hit the show. But there's no sign of that so far. Which is amazing when you consider her character name is
an anagram for Cholera Vibes!
If she's giving them off then it's no wonder the shows keep dying on us. 

Robert Knepper will appear as the Clock King in Spring 2014.

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