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ORPHAN BLACK cast tease season 2

We've got a long three months still left to wait until Orphan Black returns to BBC America for it's second season, but thankfully the shows stars Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris, along with co-creator Graeme Manson, have revealed some interesting bits of information to tide us over.

The trio appeared yesterday at the Television Critics Association winter TV previews and we've gathered the highlights of their session below. Spoilers for season 1 included and if you'd rather not know anything about season 2 then look away now.

Starting off with clone club news...
  • At the end of season 1, Clone-Sarah's daughter Kira had been kidnapped. We will discover that clone-Rachel has Kira and will use her to get Sarah to turn herself in. As Sarah is the only clone (we know of) who can have children she is more valuable than ever.
  • Clone-Cossima will still be very sick when season 2 begins. She will work with Dr. Leekie to find a cure.
  • Clone-Alison will be extra neurotic this year, the death of her neighbour, Aynsley, will weigh heavy on her. After all she could've saved her from that garbage disposal, although we don't blame her from standing back!
  • Sarah's foster brother Felix will have his own storyline this season, but will clash with Sarah later on.
  • New villains will be introduced in the opening episode, but the Dyad Institute is still very prominent. In fact the wonderful Michelle Forbes (True Blood, Star Trek : TNG, Battlestar Galactica, etc) has been cast as Dyad Institute power player, Marian Bowles.

Hopefully you're as excited as us for the return of Orphan Black? It was definitely one of our favourite new show of 2013. Season 2 premieres April 19th on BBC America.

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