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DAVID TENNANT talks about #GRACEPOINT and his American accent!

David Tennant has taken time out of filming Gracepoint to discuss differences in the US Broadchurch remake, his characters look and his American accent!

Although many hit British shows are developed for American audiences, they don't tend to feature any of the original cast, let alone the main star. In an interview with EW, David Tennant reveals that although he's played the character before, he's recording scenes in a different location with different people so the experience is not the same. "There is no precedent for this. It’s so familiar, yet completely new. It’s a very peculiar experience" he said.

Although the characters name has changed, DI Alec Hardy is now DET Emmet Carver, the stubble remains the same! Tennant believes his character has a certain unattended quality to him. "His personal vanity is low on his list of priorities. So I think there’s something about being slightly unkempt that tells a story about that character that’s quite useful."

It's been revealed that a new ending has been written for Gracepoint, which makes sense because Broadchurch has already been broadcast on BBC America so many people know the name of the killer. But David has not seen the final script as yet, "In terms of the ending, I’m just as in the dark as everybody else.I’m told there will be a change, whether that’s a fundamental change or a tweak I have no idea. Certainly the pilot episode sticks very closely to the original as the story goes on it eases out a bit, there’s extra twists and turns, some characters are more developed. I think the story will go in directions that fans wouldn’t necessarily recognize."

There's been a lot of talk about David Tennant's American accent, and whether he's cracked it or not. You might have seen clips from the failed pilot of Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, when David's accent wasn't quite there...

Does he think he's mastered it now? "I don’t know. I’ve done accents over the years. You just kind of hack away at it until it sets in your mind. We grew up surrounded by American culture. It’s something we’re very familiar with. It’s not for me to say whether I’ve cracked it or not."

We look forward to finding out when Gracepoint premiers on Fox, this Autumn.
Read the whole interview with David Tennant at EW.com

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