First trailer for the new series of Jonathan Creek - Warped Factor - Words in the Key of Geek.

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First trailer for the new series of Jonathan Creek

It's been 10 years since the last proper series of Jonathan Creek, and although series 5 is only going to be 3 episodes long, it's still 3 new episodes of Jonathan Creek!!!

Jonathan may have left his windmill and the world of professional magic behind, but there are still plenty of bizarre mysteries to tax his unique deductive powers. Check out the first trailer below...

The first episode of series 5 is titled The Letters Of Septimus Noone which according to Alan Davies the opening episode is a "piss take" of Sherlock!!!

The new mystery features a criminology student who believes he has powers of deduction that rival Sherlock Holmes, but he is sorely mistaken as all his deductions are way off the mark. The episode also mimics Sherlock's camera angles and close ups.

We can't wait.
Jonathan Creek series 5 begins later this month on BBC1, with a rumoured start date of Friday 28th February looking quite likely.

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