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The belated sequel to Independence Day is due to arrive on July 1st 2016, 20 years after the original, but it looks like one of the main stars will now not be involved.

When director Roland Emmerich announced that he was planning Independence Day 2, he confirmed that the story would feature many of the original characters, however one important name would be absent. Emmerich said that...
"Will Smith can not come back because he’s too expensive, but he’d also be too much of a marquee name."
Just a few weeks after this announcement, and after a disappointing box-office for After Earth, it emerged that Smith was keen to be involved with the project and reprise his role of Captain Steven Hiller. On the back of this Roland Emmerich, along with co-writer and producer Dean Devlin, penned two different versions of the script. One with Big Willy and one without.

It's a good job they did because Deadline is reporting that after going back and forth, Will Smith has now chosen to pass on the sequel.

No final reason has been given, but I wouldn't put it past being something like this...
Yesterday in the Smith household. (Phone rings)

Will Smith - "Hello"
Roland Emmerich – "Vill, it's Voland Emmevich, Das Spielbergle aus Sindelfingen. Ve're finally vilming sequel to Independence Day, and ve'd love you to be involved?"
WS – "Well I'm gonna need $20m and top billing"
RE – "Vell ist vey much ensemble project, ve just vant to know if you still interested vight now?"
WS - "$20m, top bill and 5 points on the back end"
RE – "Vell, this ist very different from 1996, ve're not really in position..."
WS - "...and an EP credit..."
RE – "Vill, ve can't just give..."
WS - "...and I'm gonna need a roll for Jaden, with his name above the title..."
WS – "Roland? Roland?"

Personally, as long as there's some Goldblum in there I'll still go and see it. 

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