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For some time now there's been a rumour that a major villain would be returning to Doctor Who in series 8, and it's possible that this characters reappearance may have just been confirmed by an ex-Doctor.

Speaking at the Newcastle Film And Comic Con, Sylvester McCoy, the Seventh Doctor, was asked who his favourite Doctor Who villain was. His answer, and the very revealing comments he made afterwards, are after this nice picture of Captain Jack straddling a bomb.

Still with us?
Good. Sylvester McCoy revealed his favourite Doctor Who villain was the Master. He then went on to say that the Master would be back this year, but not played by John Simm. McCoy didn't reveal the actors name but said he knew who had been cast and that he'll be very scary.

Way back in January we ran a story saying Charles Dance was rumoured to be the new Master, he'd certainly be very scary!

Personally I would love to see someone like Charles Dance as the Master, especially opposite Peter Capaldi's Doctor. But what do you think? Could it be Charles Dance, or someone else?

Source: Twitter

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