Is this the weirdest movie tie-in ever? - Warped Factor - Words in the Key of Geek.

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Is this the weirdest movie tie-in ever?

You know how they say everything is better with bacon? I didn't know that also included Mystique!

There's been some strange movie tie-ins over the years, last year's Subway/Hunger Games promotion springs to mind, but this one for a US burger chain just might be the weirdest.

Whereas most of us are quite happy just picturing Mystique as Jennifer Lawrence or Rebecca Romijn, it's possible that there are sure some people out there longer to see the shape-shifter morph into a dude and eat a Western X-Tra Bacon Thickburger. Well then...

I'm not sure if that's going to make you want to see X-Men: Days Of Future Past, but if you do it is released on May 22nd in the UK, a whole 24 hours before the USA. Pop past the drive-thru and grab a burger on the way!

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