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The A to Z of SUPERNATURAL - A is for Azazel

In the first of a new regular feature guest contributor Elle Schwartz presents an A to Z of the long running CW series Supernatural.

A could be for Angels or Adam or Ava or the Apocalypse, but I've chosen to begin my A to Z of Supernatural with the shows original demon, Azazel.

Azazel is a perfect place to start this retrospective of Supernatural, without "Yellow Eyes" there would have been no reason for the Winchester brothers to become hunters. He was the demon that killed Sam and Dean's mother, Mary, and is one of my very favourite villains from the series.

Although he inhabited many bodies, including both John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Samuel Campbell (Mitch Pileggi), it's the portrayal by Fredric Lehne that will always stand out for me.

We first see Azazel, the leader of the demon world, stood over Sam's crib where he has been feeding his blood to the baby. Mary Winchester interrupts the demon, who then pins her to the ceiling, slashes her stomach and causes her to burst into flames. It is Mary's death that inspires John to dedicate his life to hunting down Azazel, at the same time training Sam and Dean to hunt supernatural creatures.

Azazel sent demons to possess important people in Sam's life, secretly manipulating him as he grew up. When Sam turns his back on hunting and heads off to college, Azazel orders the assassination of Sam's girlfriend Jess. It is her death which prompts Sam to return to hunting.

As the series progresses the Winchester brothers track down a mystic gun capable of killing anything, the Colt. But when Azazel inhabits their father, Sam isn't able to take the kill shot. Eventually Azazel makes a deal with John Winchester, he saves Dean in exchange for the Colt and John's life.

When a gateway to hell is opened up in the second season finale episode All Hell Breaks Loose, hundreds of demons are released, along with John Winchester's soul. This distracts Azazel long enough for Dean to reclaim the Colt and shoot Azazel.

OK, so that's a real potted history of Azazel, but you can see how important the character was. He is the demon responsible for the death's of the Winchester's parents and Sam's girlfriend. Without Azazel we wouldn't have the show we love called Supernatural.

Next time it's B for ???

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