Another great DOCTOR WHO LEGO set - Ten and Rose are under review!


Only last month we had the first Doctor Who LEGO set to reach 10,000 supporters on Lego Cuusoo. Four weeks later and another set has got the backing, which means it's up for review and may just make it into our hands.

This one's called Doctor Who and Companions, and is the work of Andrew Clark. There are several different options including Ten and Rose, Four and K-9 and even the current pairing of Capaldi and Clara.

The proposed set includes: Tardis, exterior / interior walls. Interior console. Street scene or Interior base. The minifigures have dual printed faces, happy and shocked. The Weeping Angel's and The Daleks have both been created out of LEGO, with a Cyberman minifigure propsed. Plus a sound brick is hoped to be included to recreate the iconic TARDIS sound. Total part count including Minifigures is around 530.

With two Doctor Who projects getting the public vote (which is no easy feat in such a short period of time), surely it can't be long before we finally get Doctor Who LEGO sets in the shops. I'm making my Christmas list already!

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