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DOCTOR WHO series 8 spoilers - 'Robots Of Sherwood' filming UPDATED with video

Peter Capaldi, hard at work on his Birthday.
Filming continued on the third episode of the new series of Doctor Who today (14th April) - yes they made Peter Capaldi work on his Birthday! What a tough life it is being a Time Lord!

The episode is written by Mark Gatiss, directed by Paul Murphy and rumoured to be called Robots Of Sherwood, and today we got our first glimpse of Robin Hood.

Clearly there are spoilers ahead, so think about if you want to stay or go!
To keep you safe from those spoilers, here's our usual 'Captain Jack Spoiler Bomb' photo...

Right, still here? OK then, here's Robin...

Yep, that's Tom Riley dressed in green. He's the leader of the Merry Men. So would this make the other confirmed guest star for this episode, Ben Miller, the Sheriff of Nottingham? We know he's playing a villain, and thought the Sheriff seemed quite likely - even more so now! Plus the Sheriff is mentioned below...

Think carefully about reading below, as it's the (overheard) transcript of what is likely to be one of the pivotal final scenes for this episode.

The Doctor, Clara and Robin Hood are looking skywards at what seems to be a crashing spaceship.
The Doctor remarks "Clara, if it crashes, it will wipe out most of England!"
Clara asks the Doctor "What's the plan?"
The Doctor replies "A plan?! I've not always got a plan Clara, I'm not made of plans!"

Robin Hood "But you do have a plan?"
The Doctor "Yes, but it almost certainly won't work"
Clara "What are you suggesting?"
The Doctor "The golden arrow, Clara. Here" (handing a bow and arrow to Robin Hood)
Robin Hood "It has to be you, Doctor. My arm is injured"
Clara "You're good at it Doctor, I saw you, you won the tournament"
The Doctor: "I cheated"
Clara "What?!"
The Doctor "I cheated! I needed to win the tournament to get into the castle. You could do it"
Clara "Me?!"
The Doctor "But you do taekwando!"
Clara "That's not the same!"
The Doctor "While you were asleep I made a special arrow… with a homing device"
Clara "Oh, brilliant"
Eventually Robin fires the arrow, there's a loud boom sound, the Merry Men cheer and sing "The arrow flew into flight, the sheriff fought with all his might!"

(Thanks to Rob McCarthy and his shorthand note taking)

UPDATE - The awesome Ryan Farrell caught all this on video, plus at the end the cast and crew sing 'Happy Birthday' to Peter Capaldi and present him with a Dalek shaped cake!

Here's Jenna Coleman/Clara dressed as Lady Marion (?)

Peter Capaldi was wearing a purple shirt today, he does seem to like to mix it up for every episode - remember his quote from The Time Of The Doctor "I don't like the colour" - maybe there's something in that?

Finally, as we have you here, and it is Peter Capaldi's 56th Birthday, the good people behind the Doctor Puppet series produced this great tribute using Capaldi's very own artwork. Enjoy...

More Doctor Who news as we get it.

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