Arnold Schwarzenegger is back! Images from TERMINATOR: GENESIS - Warped Factor - Words in the Key of Geek.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is back! Images from TERMINATOR: GENESIS

At 66 it's more "Ow my back" than "I'll be back", but now he's no longer The Governator, there's no keeping Arnold Schwarzenegger away from the new Terminator movie, Genesis.

In the photo here can see Emilia Clarke (Sarah Connor) & Jai Courtney (Kyle Reese) in light blue, with Jason Clarke (John Connor) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (T-800).

Yes, 'Ahnold' is back as the T-800, complete with grey hair and middle aged spread (possibly - I mean that jacket doesn't look like it's doing up!). So how will Terminator: Genesis explain this new look for the cyborg? Schwarzenegger told MTV:
"Terminator deals a lot with time travel, so there will be a younger T-800, and then what that model does later on when it gets reprogrammed, and who gets a hold of him. So it will be all kinds of interesting twists in the movie, but I feel so good. The way that the character is written, it's a machine underneath. It's this metal skeleton. But above that is human flesh. And the Terminator's flesh ages, just like any other human being's flesh. Maybe not as fast. But it definitely ages."
I kid 'Ahnold' but I gotta say I'm more than a little intrigued by this new Terminator movie (and no, it's not for the prospect of it turning out that Phil Collins is providing the 'Genesis' in the title!). If they pull this off correctly it could be awesome. There's a great cast - as well as the actors mentioned above we have Matt Smith joining what will hopefully be a new trilogy, and the story sounds wild!
"Kind of like Back to The Future, the Terminator: Genesis script folds into the first film in the series.... There's a scene in the script where literally, we see the scene in the first Terminator where Arnold steps out, the punks threaten him, he rips Bill Paxton's heart out and takes his clothes and wanders off. And as soon as that scene ends, another Arnold Schwarzenegger who's older, and bearded and a very different version of the Terminator, comes walking in from the other side and plays another scene, right at the scene of that first incident."
Terminator Genesis is released July 1st 2015.

Source: The Daily Mail

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