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DOCTOR WHO - How could the WAR DOCTOR return?

Could the (younger) War Doctor make another appearance in Doctor Who? And if so what could he be up to? Christopher Morley presents a few theories for you to ponder on...

With John Hurt reportedly saying that in his opinion there's no good reason to bring back the War Doctor for future returns to Who, there is at least a glimmer of hope for those who'd kill to see him at least one last time. Of course, we've seen his 'birth'...

...and his 'death'...

...but not his younger years. Surely the opportunity to actually see his Time War service for ourselves is one we absolutely cannot pass up? Cue debate as to who could actually portray him.

Perhaps we should start with a name familiar to Game Of Thrones fans. In that universe he's known as Theon Greyjoy. In reality, he's Alfie Allen- & his stint in Westeros ( if for some reason you've been living under a rock & not seen Thrones yet, do so) should prove his credentials for taking on the War mantle. Let's take this as just part of why he might be the man to portray unarguably Gallifrey's greatest soldier...

He can be intense, & he's undoubtedly a warrior when its called for. Two ticks in the 'yes' box for 'Allen as War Doctor' then? But also, he's supremely arrogant. Which could work! A little research also reveals him to be capable of betrayal...

And what if the 'Doctor no more' were to have risen to the rank of commander ( at least) in the armies of the Time Lords, only to betray or be framed for betraying his own race, having grown dissatisfied with the interminable politics of the higher-ups? He'd be forced to flee once more, & the question of where he could end up & what he could find himself doing or having to do adds another coat of intrigue to proceedings.

He might not be averse to operating as a lone ranger or hired gun of sorts- a thought which could justifiably have the rest of the universe quaking in its boots! ' Be quick or be dead' is an intriguing/quite rightly startling possible addition to the Doctor's rulebook, as well.

A massive departure from his other selves, but a gamble worth taking given his rejection of the very title/promise he's said to have taken a long time & a good few bodies ago. Of course, he could still have an underlying sense of honour/duty to help out those who stand to lose the most from the conflict between his own race & the Daleks. 

Which could mean visits to planets/species thought long dead in the aftermath of the War as the Doctor makes some attempt to help them fight. Where previous & indeed future selves have tended to run from conflict, the battlefield might be where we see the best of the one 'forged in fire'.

And indeed its not inconceivable that he was there at arguably Gallifrey's greatest pre-Time War battle. A cursory glance into the pre-Rassilon Era history books reveals that the man who would become Lord President, along with Omega & 'The Other' (heavily implied to be the man who would later become the First Doctor) managed to wrest control from the Pythia, & ensure the triumph of logic & science over magic & mysticism. Rassilon would after all have needed a lieutenant on the ground- which is where the War Doctor comes in.

Remember his Seventh incarnation's bond with the Hand Of Omega (Remembrance Of The Daleks)? He might have used the stellar manipulator before landing once more at Totters Lane! It would also explain his hasty cover-up in changing ' we' to ' they' when discussing the early phase of its construction..though of course the Pythia was never completely dead.

Remnants of her power survived in the forms of the Sisterhood Of Karn (The Brain Of Morbius as well as Night Of The Doctor), who are later explained to be descendants of the last of her followers after they are told to flee there following her loss of power, & Lady Peinforte ( Silver Nemesis), the sorceress & archery whizz. Might explain why Seven & Ace were so keen to find that bow...

After all, it is made of validium..the living metal from which the Nemesis statue was sculpted by the Lady herself! Indeed, there's also a lot to be said for looking back at a pre-Rassilon Age Gallifrey, before it was glossed over as 'The Dark Times' following the triumvirate's triumph.

Speaking of Peinforte, what if the War Doctor were somehow to find himself in the 17th century? Perhaps such a temporal stopover could've served as their first meeting, maybe during the English Civil War.

Throw in the possibility of the two either being on the same side as Cavaliers or the Doctor joining the Roundheads & opposing her ( as well as by extension King Charles I) & you've got quite something, both sequel & prequel in a sense! We could apply similar logic if we were to revisit one of his Seventh incarnation's other stopovers in a similar period.

Battlefield heavily hints that the Doctor- at some point in his past or future- was or will become Merlin. Ancelyn, one of King Arthur's knights, recognises him on sight despite never having seen the Time Lord's then-current body in the flesh- which raises the poser of whether the War Doctor could have taken up arms & fought alongside the knights of Arthurian legend.

If so, the experience might well help his Twelfth & newest self out of more than a few holes in Robots Of Sherwood.....& give the man who plays the War veteran (if indeed it is Mr Allen) chance to show off his fighting chops as demonstrated in the battle for the Iron Throne. 

There's also a more than tantalising piece of knowledge imparted by old Ancelyn- Merlin did indeed have a ship like a TARDIS & was at one point imprisoned by Morgaine, the sorceress desperate to overthrow Arthur.

The Doctor also recognises a note left for him by the famous wizard as being by his own hand...surely the clincher for any further exploration of the whole ' Merlin was a Time Lord, & a very special one at that' theory? 

But if you have any further theories, or indeed candidates to play the younger War Doctor, the War Council of Warped Factor is listening.......

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