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DOCTOR WHO: Deep Breath - An Alternative Opinion

The first episode of Doctor Who Series 8, Deep Breath, seems to have divided fandom. We've offered up our (relatively) glowing review, but now Stacy Embry gives us an alternative opinion on Peter Capaldi's debut adventure.

The first reaction to Doctor 12 is..... What? Deep Breath was a disjointed story, hard to follow and uninteresting even when I could track it. Obviously Peter Capaldi is an amazing actor, and a throwback to the Doctors of yore.

Hey BBC: It's just not yore anymore. 

The comfort of the Paternoster Gang, Victorian England and the amazing real and generated imagery created by fans and staff alike, made this episode a new OLD who.  If that's what the British viewers who finance the show want, great. But this viewer, and I'm going to extend it to many new American Whovians, is not going to adjust. This premiere is a tack we don't find compelling, actually even interesting.

Clara's heartbreak and honesty were a revelation. Jenna Coleman has more chemistry with herself than anyone in the episode, but the crackling of the end with Matt Smith ALMOST made the episode worth my time. Almost.

But it was too neat, too leaked months ago, and her adjustment too quick. Capaldi's strongest moment was standing there open and hopeful asking her to see him after her boyfriend called. That Doctor, the raw 12, I would watch... and before I could hope for this honest man, he dropped it immediately.  Then, the preview made it clear as to the new old direction of Who. 

I'm perfectly comfortable with the bow tied, pun intended, episode with 11 calling Clara. But afterwards, and the connection being complete, I wanted her to simply leave. Walk away and thank the nice elderly man...apologize even, but leave. Having him comeback after she's processed.... maybe they could travel then... but instead she suddenly sees him? That belies the entire premise of the last season, her sacrifice and her emotions requiring a leap of credibility I couldn't make.

I may watch another episode, I may not. Right now, I don't know if I will or not... but all of those fans who assured me that I would adjust, or those who saw the premiere early and told me I would be satisfied...I'm not. I had hoped it was Moffat, the BBC and the continuing story arc that I enjoyed so much. Unfortunately for my ongoing viewership, it seems it was the chemistry between Matt Smith with Jenna Coleman that made me tune in.

What did you think of Deep Breath? Are you happy with Peter Capldi's Doctor? Let us know in the comments below.

Stacy is a new Who fan. She came on-board with The Snowmen and binged Matt Smith's catalog--even using him in her classroom. An Educational Psychologist and Drama Director, Stacy teaches secondary education in Indianapolis, IN.

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