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Geek Dave looks at 6 great moments from this weeks episode of Doctor Who, The Caretaker.

1. Samuel Anderson auditions for Tumble season 2.
It's fair to say that Danny Pink and the Doctor clashed quite a lot during The Caretaker, with the Time Lord not being able to compute that he worked in the Math Department and was not a P.E. Teacher. So when he came tumbling in at the end, saving the day, that must've confused the poor Doctor even more. Surely he teaches Gym class?

BUT, was Samuel Anderson offering us a clue? Is his character not making into Series 9? And, realising that he needs some work, was he auditioning for the BBC's recent Saturday night pre-Who celebrity acrobat show 'Tumble'? Was he hoping a quick display of his athletic prowess would mean he gets the call from the Season 2 casting department?

Probably not. As far as I know it was his stunt double, and the chances of Tumble coming back next year are even slimmer than Atlantis getting a second series....oh wait!

2. Clara is in love with Matt Smith
Or at least the Doctor thought she was. And he was so pleased about it too. After all, who else would be good enough for her?

When they released the publicity shots for The Caretaker I couldn't help but think 'that bloke looks a bit Matt Smith', so well played BBC, well played.

3. River and Otters
This scene above.
There were a lot of funny lines throughout The Caretaker, but the thought of the Doctor living amongst Otters for a month after getting in a row with River was my favourite. Most of the comedy throughout the episode came from the Doctor being 'undercover' and Peter Capaldi delivered it all brilliantly. I think it worked much better than this year's other lighter adventure, Robot of Sherwood, and although it looks as if next week's installment, Kill The Moon, is much much darker, I wouldn't mind more Doctor Who in this style.

4. The Skovox Blitzer goes all Terminator
Appearing in a special effect straight out of The Terminator movie, the Skovox Blitzer's early re-arrival upped the threat level and turned around the slower character driven story into a mad dash to contain the monster.  He was a great new monster too. Back to back with The Tellor, we are being spoiled.

5. We don't need no education...
Could any other Doctor could get away with whistling Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick In The Wall'?

No, I don't think so.

6. Seb
Chris Addison making an early appearance as, what appears to be, Missy's PA or similar was a brilliant surprise. Plus it has also made the mystery of just what the Nethersphere is even more intriguing. And what was Missy up to that was keeping her occupied? As Seb said "Questions?". YES! I've got loads of them.

What were your favourite moments from The Caretaker?

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