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Hey You Guys!! LEGO GOONIES Never Say Die!

Hard to believe but 2015 will be the 30th Anniversary of The Goonies, and what better way to celebrate than with this mighty fine LEGO Inferno construction set. Along with Sloth and the Truffle Shuffle, the pirate ship is one the most iconic images from the classic 1985 movie, and one look at this proposed LEGO Ideas project is enough to make you wonder why it's not appeared sooner. After all, The Goonies very much fits into the ethics that LEGO believe in - it’s fun, exciting and offers many possibilities for expansion.

This set is very close to the review stage, having picked up almost 9200 supporters (at time of writing) and only in need of 800 more. What's really great about this one is this project contains no non-Lego elements or proposed new molds. Everything in the Inferno construction set can be made out of existing LEGO, apart from a few new printed decals for the minifigures.

Along with the Inferno, the proposed set would come with a selection of minifigures, to be chosen from Chunk (no....Captain Chunk!!), Sloth, Data, Mikey, Steph, Brand, Mouth, Andy, Mama Fratelli, Francis Fratelli and Jake Fratelli.

This would really be a great set to own, so pop over to LEGO Ideas and give this one your support (remember there's absolutely no obligation to buy any project you show your support for), and join in the chorus of "Goonies R Good Enough"...


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