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THE FLASH - 'Things You Can't Outrun' Review

Raff puts on her sprinting shoes and brings us her review of The Flash - Things You Can't Outrun.

This week, I watched The Flash in my usual spot, with my usual foods - In my bedroom, with breakfast. I had my coffee, but I had crumpets instead or cereal. The only reason for this was that we only had enough milk for my drink, so I had to settle for crumpets. It was not ideal, but what you going to do? I can't go without breakfast because I will be grumpy for the rest of the day, and no one wants that!

I thought this episode of The Flash was very strong, I've enjoyed the previous ones but I think this one was the best yet. My reason is that before we've just been teased with information, whereas in this episode we seemed to get answers straight away.

I am not a person that is a fan of the flashback. I just think that if the writers wanted to tell us something, they should have found a way to do so from the beginning. However, I liked the flashbacks here because they actually gave us some answers. They weren't just planting seeds like on some other shows.

The flashbacks showed us what happened the moments before the particle accelerator exploded. It also showed what happened to Caitlin's Fiance, Ronnie. Am I the only one that did a jig when she said that they were like "Fire and Ice"? Also, am I the only one that thinks we haven't seen the end of Ronnie? We didn't actually see him die, did we? If I don't see a body, I don't believe that he is dead.

In the previous two episodes I've felt sorry for Joe because Barry kept taking his anger out on him, but in this episode I thought his character had developed a lot. He finally believes that Harry didn't kill his wife and he's determined to help Barry free his Father.

In the previous episodes I have also found myself thinking, why doesn't Barry just break his Dad out of prison? I thought this was a flaw in the series, especially since Barry can run so fast he could never be caught. This week, I was surprised to hear Barry call me on that. He said he struggles with the fact that he could break his Dad out of prison, on a daily basis. He just doesn't do that because he wants to do things right! When I heard this, it struck me how different Barry is to Oliver Queen (Arrow) and I wonder if he will struggle with that holier than thou attitude in the future.

Does Harry Know?
In this episode, The Flash had to break into the prison to save Joe from the Mist and he came face to face with his Father. He moved his face so fast so Harry didn't find out who he was, but then in the final scene, Harry gives him this moving speech about how he always ran to his mother, and he could run before he could walk! He well knows!

Harrison Wells
I do not like this character. There is something shady about him. First of all, why is he in a wheelchair, and secondly, what was he doing watching Barry's office when he got struck by lightening? I wouldn't be surprised if him and Harry are in cahoots!

The Mist
I did really like the villain in this episode. It was a brilliant idea and I love that Cisco is just like a proper geek that loves naming villains! Even though I enjoy 'monster of the week' episodes and I see where this is going - making the accelerator into a prison - I do think that there needs to be a few more mythology episodes. I'm really looking forward to next week and I now think this show can become as big as its parent show, Arrow - which I'm a bit obsessed with. I love that these shows can cross over so much and part of me is hoping that, somehow, Gotham will join the gang as well.

Rating - 8/10

Raff is a massive Disney Geek, Thrill Seeker, Gamer and Comic Book reader. Basically she's an all round massive geek! Read more reviews from Raff at and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

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