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THE WALKING DEAD - "Four Walls And A Roof" Review

Raff braves the eye of the storm to bring us her review of last nights new episode of The Walking Dead, Four Walls and a Roof.

This week, it was a little different for me. I didn't get a chance to get my breakfast this morning and was only able to watch the episode in the middle of the day. This was because I have a new puppy. His name is Exley, after the baseball playing alien from The X-Files, and he is a handful.

So, when I watched The Walking Dead, Exley was growling at the zombie noise, and then he proceeded to fall asleep on my feet which meant I was able to give the episode the attention it deserved... but I was not able to get breakfast. Anyway, on with the review.

Four Walls and a Roof Review This episode felt like the calm after the storm. Actually I think it's more like the eye of the storm with a whole load more storm to come! Some people have criticised this episode for being slow, but not every episode can't go at 80 mph pace. We'd be exhausted!

Father Gabriel
We found out that Gabriel had "you will burn for this" carved on the church, because the guy locked all the parishioners out of the church and they all died. What struck me about this was that I was still expecting everyone to be shocked, but then I wasn't shocked when they weren't shocked. Except Carl, who still had a semi shocked/sad look on his face, sometimes I forget that he's still a kid.

Bob, was of course the major death in this episode, and it did differ from the comic in more ways than just the character who got his leg eaten. In the comic I think they just turned but in the TV show Rick, Sasha and some other people hack them to pieces. I thought it was fitting that this happened in a church because churches don't really matter anymore in this show. Buildings are just hollow shells of what they used to be, and they don't really hold meaning - that is what is meant by the title of this episode. Bob's demise was a bit anti-climactic for me, maybe I'm becoming hardened by this universe. Ever since Herschel died I don't feel like a new death will shock me on this show, but then I do know what is coming...

Tyrese is really irritating me, he should just get over it now. Carl went from being an innocent kid to a bit of a psycho, and Carol went from being a battered wife to a killing machine, so why can't Tyrese get over this? He could really help Rick out in the future but he is a bit of a wilting flower. I think if I was living the life depicted in The Walking Dead, I would be kicking ass by now, and I am a person that ran away like a girl from the fake zombies at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights!

Sometimes Rick really freaks me out. I'm still wanting him to be the classic hero and then he hacks someone to pieces with a machete, and I'm like, how do I like this person? He is more of an anti-hero because he is so damaged by this life.

She was reunited with one of her swords, a moment that felt like there should have been a Whitney Houston song in the background! "I want to run to you...." It should have also been filmed in slow motion.

Daryl and Carol
I missed Daryl and Carol in this episode. Daryl makes a brief appearance at the end and leaves us with a bit of a cliffhanger. When you think about it, there was very little dialogue throughout, and not many people spoke in this episode. All he did was signal for someone to appear when Michonne asked him where Carol was. I think Beth is going to appear... or maybe someone new. Maybe we are about to jump straight into the next story arc with new people?

Overall, I was happy with this episode. I am wondering why Gareth was made a full cast member when he has just been hacked to pieces... maybe he isn't dead? We didn't actually see his body did we? I hope we get some more answers next week.

Rating: 7/10

Raff is a massive Disney Geek, Thrill Seeker, Gamer and Comic Book reader. Basically she's an all round massive geek! Read more reviews from Raff at and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

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