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DOCTOR WHO: Dark Water - Trailer Breakdown

Michael Allan goes looking for clues in the new trailer for Dark Water.

Oh, BBC, you tease! After the first explosive trailer for Dark Water, everyone was left shocked –

‘Clara Oswald has never existed!’

Everyone cried! It’s an understatement to say that the internet exploded – theories were made, the Missy plot send even the sanest of Who fans doing maths equations on their chalk boards – Everyone had a Missy/Clara theory, and everyone was VERY, VERY, excited.

But, of course, the BBC went and released ANOTHER trailer, throwing the whoniverse into an even bigger frenzy – myself included, of course.

So, over the course of this insanity dripped article, I’ll be taking a look at everything that happened in this trailer – and adding in some theories of my own.

We start off on a volcano mountain, and see the doctor on a rock, with Clara rising from the smoke. We’ve seen a burned out planet before, on the screen in Robots of Sherwood – could this be an area of the Promised Land? Clara rising from the ground with smoke everywhere suggests they’ve been teleporting there, or brought there against their own will.

Next we have Capaldi’s wonderful monologue, as he speaks to a crying Clara – their blackest hour is fast approaching. Although we can’t tell much of the plot from this, we know that whatever the Doctor is talking about, it’s bad.

After seeing Missy do her typical, slightly flirty laugh, we see the tombs, and that menacing image of the skeleton arm pressing the RIP button. The Doctor asks who would go to so much trouble to watch the dead – Missy, of course! Could these tombs possibly go back to Tomb of the Cybermen – after all, the Cybermen are appearing in this story! My theory is that, whatever this skeleton thing is, it helps Missy decide who lives and who dies – press the RIP button, and you kill your victim – or transport them to the Nethesphere? 

We see Clara reacting to something off screen, something that scares her – the dead, the Cybermen...or something from her mysterious past, which was hinted at in the last trailer?

Next, we have Capaldi’s "the dead don’t come back." Perhaps he is talking to Clara, after her "time can be rewritten" line – Perhaps someone close to them dies? Notice in the background, how something is rising from the ‘tombs’...

Now, we have the wonderful Invasion sequence – Cybermen, walking down those legendary stairs, from St .Pauls Cathedral – Oh, the nostalgia! We also know that Kate Stewart and Osgood are making a re-appearance in this story – maybe it’s time for a rematch, 45 years in the making?

Right at the end, we have an exchange between The Doctor and Missy. She obviously knows him – but does he know her – maybe she’s from his future, like River Song? I really hope not! Or perhaps he’s forgotten her – If he is her ‘boyfriend’, that’ll be awfully embarrassing!

All in all, this was another thrilling trailer. We’ve gained a few more details – but all we’ve really succeeded in is getting even more hyped! So who is Missy, what is going on with Clara, and what exactly is ‘Heaven’? Comment below with your theories!

By Michael Allan

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