And the first episode of DOCTOR WHO Series 9 is called.....


The first screening session for this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special, Last Christmas, took place last night, and one of the surprising things revealed was the title for the first episode of series 9 - an episode likely not due to air until August 2015.

"The Magician's Apprentice" is the title of the opening episode. What are your thoughts on that?

To me it suggests a new companion may be joining the show, and if rumours are correct and Jenna Coleman is staying on for at least the first half of series 9, then maybe we could have a trio in the TARDIS once again.

Or maybe in a big musical episode involving hundreds of mops and buckets, Peter Capaldi pulls Gallifrey out of a hat. Or something!

More Doctor Who series 9 news as we get it.

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