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Craptastic Christmas gifts for the geek in your life

It's Christmas Day in just over two weeks time (yay), which means there's still plenty of time to get that geek in your life something extra special. Something from their favourite geeky show or movie that is truly different and they'd never be expecting.

But best avoid the geeky themed gifts on this list, as they are all pretty craptastic!  

Hurley from Lost Action Figure
I'm not sure the creators of this item fully understand what the term 'action' in action figure means!
The way I see it, the action refers to the movement of the flag. Flag to the left (above), flag to the right (below)...

Hours of fun! £15 will get you this Jorge Garcia endorsed product, or you could just get the complete Lost box-set off eBay for about the same price.

Star Trek Cologne
Giving a loved one some brand new cologne is a no brainer right? I mean, everyone loves to smell good don't they? And which Trekker wouldn't want to smell like James T Kirk? Er....well probably quite a lot of them, but at least the 'Tiberius' cologne is...
"Difficult to define, impossible to refuse. In any universe. Take Tiberius on your next mission and be transported to new worlds of sensual discovery"
Unlike the 'Red Shirt' cologne which is marketed with the phrase...
"Tomorrow May Never Come."
So if you want to let your loved one know they are expendable or likely to die soon, this could be the gift for you.

Jackie Chan Organic Skin Care Gift Set
Now something for the lady in your life, because let's face it when someone says 'skin care' we all immediately think of the 60yr old Chinese martial arts star Jackie Chan, don't we?

Adrian from Rocky Action Figure
Yes, it's another of those 'action' figures.
Everyone loves Rocky right? And what does Rocky love more than Boxing? His wife Adrian of course...
And who can blame him eh? Especially when she's wearing such a fetching old potato sack that Paulie bought home from the market.

Lord of the Rings Replica Pipes
Just about everything you see in The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit has been reproduced by some company somewhere, but these replica pipes are possibly the strangest.

Unfortunately they do not give you the ability to blow smoke in the shape of a ship.

Human Centipede Silver Necklace
Nothing says 'I Love You' more than jewelry, and nothing says "I'm a little psychotic" than gifting this Human Centipede Necklace.

Star Trek Urn
Here's a follow up gift from that 'Red Shirt' cologne. Tomorrow may never come but at least they can boldly go in true Trek style.

Thor Combined Dumbbell and Alarm Clock
I don't know why the two things would ever be together. Does Thor need to pump iron? Does he often oversleep? Am I missing something?

Cuddly knitted Daleks. 
For the Doctor Who loving baby that has everything...
Available in 5 colours.

Sigmund Freud Action Figure
A different type of 'geek' here, but at least it's an actual action figure with moving arms and head. The makers of this product claim that it is a perfect gift for any geeky person who has a keen interest in psychology....and a friend with $50 who is stupid enough to buy them a Sigmund Freud Action Figure.

Finally, here's one just for you....

C-3PO Sellotape Dispenser
To help with all the wrapping of these wonderful presents. As you tear off a strip of tape from between his metallic thighs just think of all the Christmas cheer you'll be spreading this year!

Happy Christmas!

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