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DC Universe Animated Original Movies - JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR

Matt Donabie presents the penultimate in our series looking back at the range of DC Comics animated movies. Today he revisits 2014s first release Justice League: War.

If you've read the New 52 Justice League Origin story then you'll have a good idea what's in store here.

I know some people have struggled with the New 52 but personally I'm quite open minded. As much as we all have our favourite eras of comic books change is inevitable and if we can't embrace it then we lose out on new adventures for the characters we've come to know and love.

As a movie, Justice League: War is not as good as the League's previous two animated adventures, Doom and The flashpoint Paradox, but it is a solid addition to the long line of DC's direct to DVD releases. The style of animation is very visually appealing. A treat for the eyes from start to finish.

I've read other reviews that critcised the plot as being weak and the characters undeveloped. There's elements of truth in that - there's very limited information given on Darksied's motive for invasion -  however I think the story remains true to the source material, so that's more the fault of the original comic than this movie.

That being said, it's not a straight adaptation. Aquaman has been replaced by Captain Marvel, which is a bold choice, one I understand but I did personally think that the King of Atlantis was very well presented in the pages of the comic book, possibly the most enjoyable Aquaman had ever been (I'm not a huge fan), so it would've been good to have seen him in this movie.

Jason O'Mara is really growing on me as Batman. When re-watching this movie (and the one I reviewed last week - Son of Batman), I enjoyed his take a lot more. I think the whole initial "It's not Keven Conroy" disappointment has gone now, and although I doubt he'll ever take his crown if anyone could come near to Conroy in fans hearts then it might just be O'Mara. Christopher Gorham does a great job as The Flash, and the same can be said for Shemar Moore as Cyborg, however Alan Tudyk's Superman really does nothing for me - shame.

Overall I'd give Justice League: War a 7 out of 10. If you're a fan of the New 52 take then you'll likely enjoy the movie, if on the other hand you're not... well this might not be for you.

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