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Raff checks out the New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Pack...

I have been a fan of Nintendo since I was just a kid back in the 80's when I had a NES, Super NES and then a Gameboy. However, I was a bit disappointed when I bought my first Nintendo DS. I don't know what it was, it just wasn't for me. I am a nostalgic gamer, but I wasn't ready to give up on Nintendo. So, I ended up buying a Nintendo DS XL and then a Nintendo 3DS. They all ended up on eBay. The 3DS was the worst in my opinion, because I could not use the 3D feature. It gave me horrific headaches.

When I was given the opportunity to try out the New Nintendo 3DS, I was a bit hesitant as I did not want to get any more head pain. But, I was lucky enough to get the New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Pack and I decided to give it a go.

What do you get in the New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Pack?
The new ambassador pack includes:
  • New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition Bundle system in White - Value of £155.99
  • An exclusive Ambassador Edition Cover Plate (Back)
  • An exclusive Ambassador Edition Cover Plate (Front) - Value of £7.67
  • New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition Bundle stylus
  • 4 GB microSDHC memory card
  • A set of AR Cards
  • A Quick-Start Guide
  • An Operations Manual
  • A set of front and back Super Smash Bros. cover plates - Value of £7.67
  • A charging cradle for the console in White - Value of £7.67
This pack is only available to select members of Club Nintendo and some social media presences. There was a fault on the link and some non-members were able to get their hands on the pack early. That has since been fixed. This pack is available to some more Club Nintendo members today, so if you want to get your hands on this, you will have to shell out £179.99 (which is a massive saving for what you get) and you will have to check your email because it is only available through email invite.

Now, what first struck me was the design of this handheld console. It seems a lot more compact and it fits in my hands perfectly. The sides don't seem flush, as there is a tiny gap when you close the console, but I think that gives it a more rugged look to it.

When you open it, you immediately notice the colour. It is bright white, but the buttons are red, blue, green and yellow, which pleases my retro eye. I do like the addition of the extra button, but I have played 2 games on it and haven't used the button yet.

The screen size is just right for me, but I can see why people might opt for the larger XL version. However, I love this size because I can just put it in my coat pocket and take it with me wherever I am going. I am a busy girl.

I am a gamer that likes to download games, mainly because I have no room left in my house to store physical copies, so the first thing I looked at was the online store so I could start downloading. I downloaded New Super Mario Bros 2 first and it was surprisingly quick. It only took up a few blocks of my 4gb memory card, and I would say that I was playing the game 5 minutes later.

You are allowed to continue downloading games in sleep mode, which I liked because I set the download and read a few chapters of Attack on Titan whilst my 3DS was closed.

Memory Card
The only thing that I don't really like about the 3DS is that the memory card is housed on the back of it and you can't access it without taking the back face plate off. You might think this is not a big deal but let me tell you, that plate does not just slide out like the front one. You need a SCREWDRIVER to get it off! That is a massive inconvenience for me.

My big worry with this handset was the 3D, as the other 3DS did make me sick and hurt my eyes. Yesterday, I played Mario for 3 hours in 3D and it was brilliant. It didn't hurt my eyes at all. So, they have improved the 3D massively. If this put you off buying the old model, don't let it put you off buying this one.

As mentioned above, this until will set you back £179.99, but shipping is free, unless you want it next day delivery. This is great value for money, as you do get a lot more for your money and both the face plates are limited edition. I estimate that the handset itself will cost around £150-160, but no official price details have been released as of yet.

I do think that they could have bundled a new game with the pack but I don't think any have been released specifically for the New Nintendo 3DS. I know that they are going to be releasing games that will play on this console and not the others, but this one is backwards compatible, so you can play old games on it.

Do I recommend the New Nintendo 3DS?
Erm......YES!!! I love this handheld console. It is perfect for me. I was toying with buying a PS Vita, but I think I am going to stick with the new 3DS. It is my go-to handheld for this year. It is just such a shame that it did not get released for Christmas and there is no official release date for the UK yet.

Rating: 9/10

Also, if you love Super Smash Bros, you will love the extra face plate!

Raff is a massive Disney Geek, Thrill Seeker, Gamer and Comic Book reader. Basically she's an all round massive geek! Read more reviews from Raff at and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

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