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THE FLASH Season 1 Episode 13 Review: The Nuclear Man

Patrick Delaney goes nuclear...

That's how you go out with a bang people!  Though we will come back to our explosive ending in a bit, because this episode was a fantastic change of pace.  That is right, there was no random villain, but more developments with Barry's love life.  Barry had some game in the beginning, and the cute nerd charm was totally working for him. He was just rounding third, headed to home plate... when all of a sudden the Flash is needed.  Couldn't everyone just take the night off?  Barry really needed to get laid... I feel that I can say that and it's not weird at all that a grown man was trying to have sex on his foster dads couch.  We have all had to improvise at one point or another, but why on earth would you answer the phone?  Huge mistake bro, and you are going to pay for that later. 

Bow chicka wow wow!  Okay fine I'll lay off Barry, just make us proud.  The reason Barry had to run away from a hot girl taking her shirt off.. was because the team had tracked down Firestorm.  I was wondering where they were going to take his story and it looks like it will be in a very interesting direction.  As the title of this episode has no doubt tipped you off, Firestorm is about to go nuclear and kill everyone.... So of all the excuses I have heard over the years to bail on hot girls throwing themselves at you.. it's not the worst.  For some reason, once Firestorm gets a haircut, then he's not crazy and has a grip on reality.  I can roll with that I guess, but I was more confused as to why he had to have his shirt off when they were testing his head?  I guess it's The CW and they paid good money for attractive people, so you have to have them with their shirts off.  I want the next episode to be the team checking Firestorm for an ear infection with no pants on... let's just take this as far as we can. 

This episode really was the origin story for Firestorm... well and that one time Barry touched boobies.  In the final scene when Flash and Dr. Snow attached the splicer device to Firestorms chest, it looks exactly like the symbol the character has in the comic book.  Is this simply an Easter egg or will this character come back in a big bad way? Because the nuclear man... well goes nuclear.  This of course gets the attention of the military who were already waiting to pick up Firestorm, and adds a new element to our homeless human touch story.  Flash has been on a roll since the mid season finale and I can't wait to see where it goes next.  Hopefully Barry's next date will go well.. just remember man, that is the one time going fast is not a super power!

Just looking out bro.

Patrick Delaney is a nerd baptized in the flames of Dungeons and Dragons, who would grow up reading comic books, and watching Star Wars like it was the only three movies ever made.. this nerd would one day share his opinions .. on the internet. God save us all ... and follow up on twitter .. @x_fenderx

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