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THE WALKING DEAD: "Distance" Review

Raff checks out this week's episode of The Walking Dead, “Distance”...

This was the episode that I have been waiting for. I love the Alexandria safe zone in the comic and I was dying to see what it looked it. I only saw the gates in this episode but even just that filled me with excitement.

This was also the episode that I was finally able to watch with breakfast again, and the episode that my Pug, Exley, realized that zombies bad, humans good. The little dude went crazy every time a zombie came on the screen. Last week he hated the humans, so I am happy he has finally clicked on.

Last week, I liked Aaron instantly, even though we only saw him for a few seconds. This week, he irritated me a bit. I thought the fact that he was incredulous every time Rick didn’t believe him, was out of order. The others are just desperate for somewhere to be safe, whilst Rick still has to think about everyone else as well. Now, they have met a psycho governor, cannibals and countless other people that have questionable motives, of course it is going to take time for him to truly believe.

I only started liking Aaron again when he stood up to Rick about sitting with his boyfriend, Eric. I did feel for Aaron a bit because the guy could have just left them and gone back to his “safe” camp, but he persevered.

I am still surprised that we are at Alexandria so soon. I thought it would be another series before we got there. Maybe I was being a bit naïve thinking that, but it seemed like years between the prison and Alexandria in the comics. That could be because I was reading comics and it might have been years! I don’t know, but I am getting away from the point here.

I did find it a bit flat that the others just believed Aaron straight away. I mean, those photos could have been postcards from before the zombie apocalypse. Before you judge me for thinking that someone has a postcard showing a wall, have you ever been to Europe? Berlin Wall. Just saying. It obviously doesn’t look like their wall, but you get the picture. Essentially what I am saying is that I judge Rick for not believing and I judge the others for believing! (Thinly veiled X-Files reference here)

Changing Direction
Changing direction when they know that one road was free was idiotic. Yes the free road could have been a trap, but I think that they would've had a better chance against humans, than against hoards of zombies who they will have to run over. I just didn’t see the point. Just me? Yes? Oh well.

Daryl and Carol
Daryl really made me laugh in this episode. He didn’t say much, but when his justification for leaving the barn was that it smelt of horse shit, well that just cracked me up. Everyone else was thinking about their families and feeling safe again but his reason was both basic and genius, with the underlying meaning to this being that they have nowhere else to go and why would they stay in that barn?

Carol was good as well. Again, she didn’t say much but what she did say reassured Rick. She made him see that even though he was wrong, he was wrong for the right reasons. I love that about Carol.

I loved Rick’s face when he heard the kids laughing from over the gate, because they have been to a gated community before and look how that turned out. Michonne pointed out that at the other places they haven’t heard anything from outside the perimeter. It was refreshing to see Rick let his guard down and finally believe that they could have a normal life again. Is this too good to be true? Only comic book readers will know! Well, and the spoiler people!

That’s all that I have to say really, about this week’s episode. I enjoyed it and I loved the zombie fight in the woods. I really thought Glenn was going to get bitten but he lived to see another day. I am really looking forward to next week because I am anxious to see how everyone settles in and if it differs from the comics much.

Was this the greatest episode ever aired? No, but it kept my attention and I don’t think it would be one that I skipped on my re-watch. It wasn’t a filler episode either, really.

Rating: 7/10

PS Seeing the Winnebago, totally made me miss Dale. I thought he was going to be driving it at one point.

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