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Titan Comics: SALLY OF THE WASTELANDS Graphic Novel Review

Released March 25th from Titan Comics, Gail Williams reviews the Sally of the Wastelands graphic novel.

It's been 82 years since the nuclear flash point and the world is a very different place. This is a story of survival against the odds, the all conquering power of love, or if you take a more sick and twisted view of the world, survival of the thickest.

Sally is a good ol' girl from a place known as Red Stick - that's Baton Rouge to you and me. She’s high on the chest measurement, not so much on the IQ measurement. And the Louisiana swamps have changed somewhat, not least of all in its wildlife. The rivers are now full of Crawgators, which are just wonderful - if you want to get eaten alive, chomped in half or even swallowed whole. A mutation of alligator and craw fish (lobsters) - and try not to think about how that would come about, the mating rituals required defy physicality let alone logic - these monsters are terrifying for the feeding, but surprisingly cute to look at.

The story starts when Kat arrives, injured and carrying the kind of technology that is a world away from what this post-apocalyptic crew are used to, and so, after little thought and a bit of reluctance, they set out in search of the source, and a way to save the world.

On this journey various friends and foes are encountered, but the ones that hit the best note are without a doubt, the Bamazons. These are over developed fighting women, like the Amazonian women of myth, quite deadly in their crimson and white cheerleader uniforms. They are the Bamazons since the cheerleader uniforms proclaim them as coming from Alabama, so quite what they are doing along the Mississippi, who knows? But these are not girls to be argued with. Similarly not to argue or anything, but in this post-apocalyptic world, where exactly are they getting all the Lycra?

The flesh eating mutant cannibals provide a fun, if gory, interlude, cutting a swath through the band of heroes. Then there's The Clan who provide an idyllic view of the pre-apocalyptic world, while eating a person, and the Enclave with its proclivities are amusing beast-below-the-beauty stuff. 

This isn't just a post-apocalyptic tale, it's a post-feminist one too. Sally owes way too much to the ladette culture, even a misogynist would balk at having a male character say stuff like "if you weren't so pretty", but Sally says that of her "boy toy" Tommy. That being so, Sally's still the one constantly getting her kit off, there's no shying away from the full on nudity in this one.

By the time that the reader reaches the final twist in this tale, you can see it all coming a mile off, but it's still been a good romp to get there. In conclusion, an amusing story with lots of twists, and the timeline at the end of the collection is well worth the read. Just don't take it too seriously.

Published by Titan Comics, Sally Of The Wasteland in released on March 25th 2015.

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Gail lives in her own private dungeon populated with all the weird and the wonderful she can imagine. Some of it’s very weird, and the odd bits and pieces are a bit wonderful. Well okay, she lives in Swansea with her husband and daughter. And the world’s most demanding cat. To find out more about Gail, check out www.gailbwilliams.co.uk - Dare you!

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