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ARROW Season 3 Episode 19 Review: Broken Arrow

Margot Hitchcock offers 6 reasons why “Broken Arrow” was “Scary” Awesome!

So this week's episode of Arrow was hands-down one of my favorites this season. There was a TON going on, it was filled with incredible fight sequences, lots of drama (mostly thanks to Capt. Lance – glad they specified for once what his current rank is by the way), and a little bit of “might be” death. But as a flip on my usual review, I thought I might frame this episode in a different light. I present for your entertainment, 6 Degrees of Separation Between “Broken Arrow” and a Classic Horror Film.

Scary movies are awesome. But we have to agree that there are certain cliches that pervade 98% of them – even the greats! So listed below are those cliches and how they play perfectly into tonight's episode of Arrow.

1. The bad guy doesn't die in the end.

I'd like to begin by giving a big “Hats off!” to CW for starting this episode off with a bang … or a bolt?

Of plasma beams? Yeah.

Deathbolt is a great villain for this week. He's kind of like if Cyclops had an angsty younger brother (if any of you X-Men enthusiasts remember Vulcan, he's like that minus the cape). Or if Superman got really angry/drunk and forgot to turn off his laser vision. Except this guy's power comes from “plasma energy” ... whatever that is (I said I was a superhero nerd, not an actual science-knowing nerd). And he serves as a great reason to bring Atom onto Team Arrow. I know Oliver still had to fight most of his battle for him – a great action sequence with a dash of Avatar-esque quality, I might add – but it was an entertaining “initiation challenge” for Ray.

Also, in true Arrow form – as well as any good horror film that wants a sequel – Deathbolt, after being catchily named by Ray Palmer, is conveniently stored away in a vault in Central City. His past location also raises the question as to how he was created, meaning there's probably more where he came from. So bring on a whole army, I suppose! I'm interested to see whether this will play out more on Arrow or Flash.

2. Angsty Teens

Ok, so really there is only one obvious “angsty teen” in this episode. The award for most annoying person ever (obviously) goes to Captain Lance.

Like seriously, I feel like turning to this grown man and saying, “Whatever” a la Cher from Clueless. That might be more effective than trying to reason with him. He may as well have turned to Oliver, stuck out his tongue and squealed, “Nah nah nah boo boo” before his “I've got you now!” line in the Arrowcave. Even the guys from upstairs pointed out his adolescent behavior and he (in true teen fashion) was not thwarted in the least. Then, to top off all his shining moments this season, he has the audacity to say to Oliver after hearing of Roy's alleged death, “I mean, I would say I'm sorry, but we both know whose fault this is.” Really? Really??? Oliver should have just been like, “Well, since we're on the subject of uncomfortable situations, remember how your daughter died … twice? And remember how you suck as a dad? And how your one living daughter hates you because you're so angsty?”

Okay, maybe I'm getting a little carried away now. Let's keep moving.

3. There's an amazing plot twist at the end!

Honestly, this episode had a couple of great plot twists! The first and most gratifying is that Roy Harper isn't really dead! Yay! (This is when I wish I could put that celebratory emojii with the party horn and the confetti. Yeah, you know the one.) While I love that A.R.G.U.S. conveniently had a guy that can stab people in just the right spot – how does one put this on their resume? - I'm also just glad that Roy isn't dead. Also, I'm glad Roy got to drive off in a sweet car. If he's going to lose his identity and friends (and maybe his girlfriend), he might as well have a great ride to hang on to. But where did it come from? Oliver still has no money so … I'm choosing to suspend my disbelief and simply enjoy the satisfaction of the moment.

Then before we have a moment to enjoy our relief, we're presented with an amazing fight sequence between Thea and Ra's, which ends with Thea “maybe” dying! Ah! Talk about another crazy plot twist! Yes, it was alluded to earlier when Oliver was told, “You haven't lost anyone close to you yet,” but I thought this was one killer conclusion to the episode. I'm very excited to see how they tie this into the remaining episodes for this season.

Which brings me to my next cliché from scary movies:

4. Lots of people (almost) die!

Team Arrow really took a beating this week. Let's just do a quick count of people in peril this episode (in no particular order): Ray almost dies (twice) because Team Arrow is – once again – stupid enough to send a novice vigilante out on his own while watching from the sidelines back at HQ; Roy dies a fake death thanks to some smart planning and I-know-how-to-stab-people-without-killing-them man; Thea is smashed through a glass table and then pierced through with a ridiculously large sword; and Felicity get captured by Deathbolt while off on her own. And while wearing white, no less. Which gives us our final double-whammy:

5. If you wear white or at all look virginal, you'll probably end up captured, dead or in some other unfavorable circumstance.

6. If you “split up” from your group, you'll probably die. Or have to be rescued.

And there you have it, everyone. But any similarities to the horror genre aside, this episode was really amazing! While we weren't granted the Oliver/Felicity hook-up we'd been promised thanks to last week's promo, this is definitely a great jumpstart towards this season's finale. And, let's face it, the “High five!” moment between Oliver and Ray is PRICELESS! Well, until next time, everyone!

Margot Hitchcock is a huge supporter of all things relating to "nerd culture," in particular those involving superheroes and Disney. She loves books, movies, music and working out, and currently lives in Athens, GA, with her rabbit, Gigi. 

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